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Old Trails
Edwin Arlington Robinson
(WASHINGTON SQUARE) I met him, as one meets a ghost or two, Between the gray Arch and the old Hotel. “King Solomon was right, there’s nothing ne...Rate it:

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The Prelude, Book 1: Childhood and School-time
William Wordsworth
--Was it for this That one, the fairest of all Rivers, lov'd To blend his murmurs with my Nurse's song, And from his alder shades and roc...Rate it:

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Christina Georgina Rossetti
I dwell alone - I dwell alone, alone, Whilst full my river flows down to the sea, Gilded with flashing boats That bring no friend to me: O love...Rate it:

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Radial Photography, Human-centered
Xiaoyuan Yin
Radial Photography, Human-centered By Xiaoyuan Yin You never exerted gravity, the way neutron stars do, so why are all celestial objects attracted...Rate it:

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The Dream Of The World Without Death
William Cosmo Monkhouse
NOW, sitting by her side, worn out with weeping, Behold, I fell to sleep, and had a vision, Wherein I heard a wondrous Voice intoning: Cryi...Rate it:

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The Song Of Hiawatha II: The Four Winds
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
'Honor be to Mudjekeewis!' Cried the warriors, cried the old men, When he came in triumph homeward With the sacred Belt of Wampum, From the reg...Rate it:

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The Spring In Ireland: 1916
James Stephens
I Do not forget my charge I beg of you ; That of what flow'rs you find of fairest hue And sweetest odor you do gather those Are best of all the be...Rate it:

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The Tower Beyond Tragedy
Robinson Jeffers
I You'd never have thought the Queen was Helen's sister- Troy's burning-flower from Sparta, the beautiful sea-flower Cut in clear stone, crowned wi...Rate it:

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A Rhapsody
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
There is a God most surely in the heavens, Who smileth always, though His face be hid. And young Joy cometh as His messenger Upon the Earth, like t...Rate it:

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Haunted In Old Japan
Alfred Noyes
I Music of the star-shine shimmering o’er the sea Mirror me no longer in the dusk of memory: Dim and white the rose-leaves drift along the shore Wi...Rate it:

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Saint Monica
Charlotte Smith
AMONG deep woods is the dismantled scite Of an old Abbey, where the chaunted rite, By twice ten brethren of the monkish cowl, Was duly sung; and...Rate it:

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Sunday Morning
Wallace Stevens
Complacencies of the peignoir, and late Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair, And the green freedom of a cockatoo Upon a rug mingle to dissipate The...Rate it:

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The Coming of the Ship
Khalil Gibran
Almustafa, the chosen and the beloved, who was a dawn onto his own day, had waited twelve years in the city of Orphalese for his ship that was to r...Rate it:

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The Valley of the Shadow
Edwin Arlington Robinson
There were faces to remember in the Valley of the Shadow, There were faces unregarded, there were faces to forget; There were fires of grief and ...Rate it:

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A Legend Of Tintagel Castle
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
ALONE in the forest, Sir Lancelot rode O'er the neck of his courser the reins lightly flowed And beside hung his helmet, for bare was his brow To ...Rate it:

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Rural Elegance, An Ode to the Late Duchess of Somerset
William Shenstone
While orient skies restore the day, And dew-drops catch the lucid ray; Amid the sprightly scenes of morn Will aught the Muse inspire? Oh! peace to ...Rate it:

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Infanticide in Madagascar
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
A luxury of summer green Is on the southern plain, And water-flags, with dewy screen, Protect the ripening grain. Upon the sky is not a cloud T...Rate it:

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Soldier Going To The War
Richard Le Gallienne
Soldier going to the war-- Will you take my heart with you, So that I may share a little In the famous things you do? Soldier going to the war-- I...Rate it:

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A Country God
Edmund Blunden
WHEN groping farms are lanterned up And stolchy ploughlands hid in grief, And glimmering byroads catch the drop That weeps from sprawling twig and ...Rate it:

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A Vision Out West
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
Far reaching down's a solid sea sunk everlastingly to rest, And yet whose billows seem to be for ever heaving toward the west The tiny fieldmice ...Rate it:

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An Ode to Antares
Alan Seeger
At dusk, when lowlands where dark waters glide Robe in gray mist, and through the greening hills The hoot-owl calls his mate, and whippoorwills ...Rate it:

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Amy Lowell
The Poet took his walking-stick Of fine and polished ebony. Set in the close-grained wood Were quaint devices; Patterns in ambers, And in the cloud...Rate it:

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Bonny Mary O!
John Clare
The morning opens fine, bonny Mary O! The robin sings his song by the dairy O! Where the little Jenny wrens cock their tails among the hens, Singin...Rate it:

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Henry Kendall
HERE, pent about by office walls And barren eyes all day, ’Tis sweet to think of waterfalls Two hundred miles away! I would not ask you, friends, ...Rate it:

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Four Winds, The
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
"Honor be to Mudjekeewis!" Cried the warriors, cried the old men, When he came in triumph homeward With the sacred Belt of Wampum, From the reg...Rate it:

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