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In Harness
Lola Ridge
I The foreman's head slowly circling… White rims under yellow disks of eyes…. Gold hairs starting out of a blond scowl… Hovering… disappearing… re...Rate it:

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Jefferson's Daughter
Anonymous Americas
'It is asserted, on the authority of an American Newspaper, that the daughter of Thomas Jefferson, late President of the United States, was sold at...Rate it:

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Lines on Col. Wonham
James McIntyre
Formerly of Ingersoll, now of the North West. When Wonham got orders To advance to the borders, His boys they were ready And fell in quite steady....Rate it:

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Metrical Letter, Written From London.
Robert Southey
Margaret! my Cousin!--nay, you must not smile; I love the homely and familiar phrase; And I will call thee Cousin Margaret, However quaint amid the...Rate it:

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Moeurs Contemporaines
Ezra Pound
I Mr. Styrax 1 Mr. Hecatomb Styrax, the owner of a large estate and of large muscles, A 'blue' and a climber of mountains, has married at the age ...Rate it:

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Newly Born eyes
Nikhil Parekh
For them; there was simply no difference between the diminutively poor and the unfathomably rich; as they considered both to be symbiotically blend...Rate it:

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Nightmare Number Three
Stephen Vincent Benet
We had expected everything but revolt And I kind of wonder myself when they started thinking-- But there’s no dice in that now. I’ve heard fellow s...Rate it:

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On Reading The Controversy Between Lord Byron And Mr Bowles
Barron Field
WHETHER a ship's poetic? -- Bowles would own, If here he dwelt, where Nature is prosaic, Unpicturesque, unmusical, and where Nature-reflecting Art ...Rate it:

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Princeton, May, 1917
Alfred Noyes
Here Freedom stood by slaughtered friend and foe, And, ere the wrath paled or that sunset died, Looked through the ages; then, with eyes aglow, Lai...Rate it:

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Rectangular Bar Of Chewing Gum
Nikhil Parekh
It imparted an incredulously tangy taste to my tongue; embedding its flavor in the remotest corners of my mouth, Made irrefutably sure that I eman...Rate it:

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Room 4: The Painter Chap
Robert William Service
He gives me such a bold and curious look, That young American across the way, As if he'd like to put me in a book (Fancies himself a poet, so they ...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
In reality I felt like kicking him straight in his face; but in the end I found myself saying that You're looking amazing sir, In reality I felt ...Rate it:

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Song Of The Broad-Axe
Walt Whitman
WEAPON, shapely, naked, wan! Head from the mother's bowels drawn! Wooded flesh and metal bone! limb only one, and lip only one! Gray-b...Rate it:

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The Grocery
Amy Lowell
'Hullo, Alice!' 'Hullo, Leon!' 'Say, Alice, gi' me a couple O' them two for five cigars, Will yer?' 'Where's your nickel?' 'My! Ain't you close! Ca...Rate it:

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The Heart of the Dove
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Say, Bo, this little Yewropean war It grieves our gloryus nation to the core The vurry core of its great, strang, red heart, We're tur-ble sore: T...Rate it:

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The Hoosier Folk-Child
James Whitcomb Riley
The Hoosier Folk-Child--all unsung-- Unlettered all of mind and tongue; Unmastered, unmolested--made Most wholly frank and unafraid: Untaught of an...Rate it:

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The loneliest cowboy zombie
Keith Rideout
Gypsies call me the loneliest cowboy zombie riding my stallion across the American pathways I could be home holding my sweet heart instead I’m runn...Rate it:

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The Seven Sages
William Butler Yeats
The First. My great-grandfather spoke to Edmund Burke In Grattan's house. The Second. My great-grandfather shared A pot-house bench with Oliver Gol...Rate it:

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The Three Roads
Victor James Daley
There is a town in Ireland, A little town I know; Its girls have tender Irish eyes Beneath their brows of snow; And in the field around it ...Rate it:

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The Trap
Vachel Lindsay
She was taught desire in the street, Not at the angels' feet. By the good no word was said Of the worth of the bridal bed. The secret was learn...Rate it:

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The Wobble
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now the Wobble went out on the roaring tide, With a dry dog trotting along by its side; Went over the sea - and I vow right here That the Wobble we...Rate it:

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The Wreck Of The Deutschland
Gerard Manley Hopkins
[[A-text]] to the happy memory of five Francisan nuns, exiles by the Falck Laws, drowned between midnight |&| morning of December 7 [[1875]]. PART...Rate it:

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The Wrist Watch Man
Edgar Albert Guest
He is marching dusty highways and he's riding bitter trails, His eyes are clear and shining and his muscles hard as nails. He is wearing Yankee kha...Rate it:

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To the United States of America
Robert Seymour Bridges
Brothers in blood! They who this wrong began To wreck our commonwealth, will rue the day When first they challenged freeman to the fray, And wit...Rate it:

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Variations of an Air
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Old King Cole Was a merry old soul And a merry old soul was he He called for his pipe and he called for his bowl and he called for his fiddlers t...Rate it:

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