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A Paraphrase Of Heine
Eugene Field
(LYRIC INTERMEZZO) There fell a star from realms above-- A glittering, glorious star to see! Methought it was the star of love, So sweetly it illu...Rate it:

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A Parting
Mathilde Blind
The year is on the wing, my love, With tearful days and nights; The clouds are on the wing above With gathering swallow-flights. The year is o...Rate it:

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A Pastoral
George Essex Evans
Nature feels the touch of noon; Not a rustle stirs the grass; Not a shadow flecks the sky, Save the brown hawk hovering nigh; Not a rippl...Rate it:

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A Picture
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I strolled last eve across the lonely down; One solitary picture struck my eye: A distant ploughboy stood against the sky— How far he seemed above ...Rate it:

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A Poem Of Faith
Paul Laurence Dunbar
I think that though the clouds be dark, That though the waves dash o'er the bark, Yet after while the light will come, And in calm waters safe at h...Rate it:

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A Poem On The Last Day - Book III
Edward Young
The book unfolding, the resplendent seat Of saints and angels, the tremendous fate Of guilty souls, the gloomy realms of woe, And all the horrors o...Rate it:

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A Poet of One Mood
Alice Meynell
A poet of one mood in all my lays, Ranging all life to sing one only love, Like a west wind across the world I move, Sweeping my harp of floods ...Rate it:

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A Poet's Hope
Ambrose Bierce
'Twas a weary-looking mortal, and he wandered near the portal Of the melancholy City of the Discontented Dead. He was pale and worn exceeding and h...Rate it:

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A Poet, And His Immortal Poetry.
Nikhil Parekh
The clouds in the voluptuously fathomless sky were a poet's eternal dream; enveloping boundless bits of barren space with tinges of profusely unend...Rate it:

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A Poetical Epistle To Lady Austen
William Cowper
Dear Anna, -- Between friend and friend, Prose answers every common end; Serves, in a plain and homely way, To express the occurrence of the day; O...Rate it:

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A Point Of Honour
Alfred Austin
``Tell me again; I did not hear: It was wailing so sadly. Nay, Hush! little one, for mother wants to know what they have to say. There! At my breas...Rate it:

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A Portrait
Arthur Henry Adams
HER glance is equable, serene; She looks at life with level brow; She strides through circumstance—a queen! To compromise she cannot bow— E...Rate it:

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A Postcard From The Volcano
Wallace Stevens
Children picking up our bones Will never know that these were once As quick as foxes on the hill; And that in autumn, when the grapes Made sha...Rate it:

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A Postscript unto the Reader
Michael Wigglesworth
And now good Reader, I return again To talk with thee, who hast been at the pain To read throughout, and heed what went before; And unto thee I'le ...Rate it:

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A Prayer
Amy Levy
Since that I may not have Love on this side the grave, Let me imagine Love. Since not mine is the bliss Of 'claspt hands and lips that kiss,' Let m...Rate it:

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A Prayer For My Daughter
William Butler Yeats
ONCE more the storm is howling, and half hid Under this cradle-hood and coverlid My child sleeps on. There is no obstacle But Gregory's wood and o...Rate it:

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A Prayer unto Christ
Michael Wigglesworth
The Judge Of The World O Dearest Dread, most glorious King, I'le of thy justest Judgements sing: So thou my head and heart inspire, To Sing aright...Rate it:

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A Pretty Woman
Robert Browning
I. That fawn-skin-dappled hair of hers, And the blue eye Dear and dewy, And that infantine fresh air of hers! II. To think men cann...Rate it:

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A Prince from Western Libya
Constantine P. Cavafy
Aristomenis, son of Menelaos, the Prince from Western Libya, was generally liked in Alexandria during the ten days he spent there. As his name, his...Rate it:

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A Promise
Ada Cambridge
1. Should'st thou, in grip of dread disease, Foresee the day when thou must die, With no more hope of life or ease, But only, lingering, to lie Wh...Rate it:

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A proper trewe idyll of camelot
Eugene Field
Whenas ye plaisaunt Aperille shoures have washed and purged awaye Ye poysons and ye rheums of earth to make a merrie May, Ye shraddy boscage of ye ...Rate it:

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A PÆan
Edgar Allan Poe
How shall the burial rite be read? The solemn song be sung ? The requiem for the loveliest dead, That ever died so young? II. Her friends are gaz...Rate it:

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A Quest for Tophet
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'Twas a hell of a Hell they glimpsed, my son, In superstitious days When cultured man had scarce begun To shed barbaric ways: With gridirons set a...Rate it:

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A Rector's Memory
Rudyard Kipling
St. Andrews, 1923 The, Gods that are wiser than Learning But kinder than Life have made sure No mortal may boast in the morning That even will fin...Rate it:

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A Redeemer
Robinson Jeffers
The road had steepened and the sun sharpened on the high ridges; the stream probably was dry, Certainly not to be come to down the pit of the canyo...Rate it:

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