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Faster Than The Speed Of Light
Nikhil Parekh
Every century looked so long; that in the beginning I felt it would last till more than what the Creator could ever have perceived; with the decade...Rate it:

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Fletcher McGee
Edgar Lee Masters
She took my strength by minutes, She took my life by hours, She drained me like a fevered moon That saps the spinning world. The days went by l...Rate it:

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London Stone
Rudyard Kipling
WHEN you come to London Town, (Grieving-grieving!) Bring your flowers and lay them down At the place of grieving. When you come to London Town, (G...Rate it:

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My Days
Isaac Rosenberg
My days are but the tombs of buried hours ; Which tombs are hidden in the piled years ; But from the mounds there spring up many flowers, Whose bea...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
I polished my shoe using a blend of molten wax and color; exerting onerous strokes with my hands, As an aftermath they shone brilliantly under the...Rate it:

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The Bridge To The Highest Hills
Mario William Vitale
the years become minutes the minutes years thank him for the laughter and tears only an occasional resting point flying horses carry me without fe...Rate it:

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The Butterfly
Augusta Davies Webster
VIATOR loquitur 'Royal in purple and gold and red, Free, and unknowing sorrow, Blithely and lithely to and fro, With flowers for thy choosing stil...Rate it:

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The Mirror in the Hall
Constantine P. Cavafy
The rich house had in the hall An enormous mirror, very old; Bought at least eighty years ago. A very handsome boy, assistant at a tailor’s (On Su...Rate it:

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Thunderbolts Of rain
Nikhil Parekh
Normally when I started back for home; I commenced my journey languidly eating pop-corn; aimlessly kicking small stones that came in my way, While...Rate it:

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Valentine--To Lizzie Siddal
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
YESTERDAY was St. Valentine. Thought you at all, dear dove divine, Upon the beard in sorry trim And rueful countenance of him, That Orson who's...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'E sez to me, 'Wot's orl this flamin' war? The papers torks uv nothin' else but scraps. An'wot's ole England got snake-'eaded for? An' wot's the st...Rate it:

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Eminem Is My Friend
Mario William Vitale
Eminem is My Friend shed some skin work for profit at the nearby gym that's the way its always been you need to be thin look at the late Kare...Rate it:

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Joyce Kilmer
Why is that wanton gossip Fame So dumb about this man's affairs? Why do we titter at his name Who come to buy his curious wares? Here is a shop...Rate it:

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The Ideals
Friedrich Schiller
And wilt thou, faithless one, then, leave me, With all thy magic phantasy,-- With all the thoughts that joy or grieve me, Wilt thou with all fore...Rate it:

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An Essay On The Different Stiles Of Poetry
Thomas Parnell
To Henry, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. I hate the Vulgar with untuneful Mind, Hearts uninspir'd, and Senses unrefin'd. Hence ye Prophane, I raise t...Rate it:

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Mark Akenside
Occasion'd by the Insults of the Spaniards , and the present Preparations for War, 1738. Whence this unwonted Transport in my Breast? Why glow my...Rate it:

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Ode IX: To Curio
Mark Akenside
I. Thrice hath the spring beheld thy faded fame Since I exulting grasp'd the tuneful shell: Eager through endless years to sound thy name, Proud...Rate it:

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Ainsi Va le Monde
Mary Darby Robinson
[As a Tribute of Esteem and Admiration this Poem is inscribed to ROBERT MERRY, Esq. A. M. Member of the Royal Academy at Florence, and Author of th...Rate it:

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At Vaucluse
Alfred Austin
By Avignon's dismantled walls, Where cloudless mid-March sunshine falls, Rhone, through broad belts of green, Flecked with the light of almond grov...Rate it:

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Conlath And Cuthona
James Macpherson
ARGUMENT. Conlath was the youngest of Morni's sons, and brother to the celebrated Gaul. He was in love with Cuthona, the daughter of Rumar, when ...Rate it:

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Dr. Parnel To Dr. Swift, On His Birth-day, November 30th, MDCCXIII
Thomas Parnell
Urg'd by the warmth of Friendship's sacred flame, But more by all the glories of thy fame; By all those offsprings of thy learned mind, In judgment...Rate it:

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Elegy XXVI. Describing the Sorrow of An Ingeneous Mind
William Shenstone
Why mourns my friend? why weeps his downcast eye, That eye where mirth, where fancy, used to shine? Thy cheerful meads reprove that swelling sigh; ...Rate it:

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George Essex Evans
THE BOY went out from the ranges grim, And the breath of the mountains went with him; With a song in his heart and a smile on his face, And a light...Rate it:

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Heroic Stanzas
John Dryden
Consecrated to the Glorious Memory of His Most Serene and Renowned Highness, Oliver, Late Lord Protector of This Commonwealth, etc. Written After ...Rate it:

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Ode IX. To Curio
Mark Akenside
Thrice hath the spring beheld thy faded fame Since I exulting grasp'd the tuneful shell: Eager through endless years to sound ...Rate it:

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