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You're on yours, I'm on mine
Frank Anthony Cimino jr
Early Winter night, wind blew strong, sleet fell fast. Shimmer and scent of sweet candles lit. Soft music, sitting on one end, you on the other. ...Rate it:

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A bath when you're born
Kobayashi Issa
His death poem: A bath when you're born, a bath when you die, how stupid. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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Don't Tell the World that You're Waiting for Me
Eliza Cook
THREE summers have gone since the first time we met, love, And still 'tis in vain that I ask thee to wed ; I hear no reply but a gentle " Not y...Rate it:

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I Don't Know If You're Alive Or Dead
Anna Akhmatova
I don't know if you're alive or dead. Can you on earth be sought, Or only when the sunsets fade Be mourned serenely in my thought? All is for you:...Rate it:

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O little plum tree in the garden, you're
Lesbia Harford
O little plum tree in the garden, you're Aflower again, With memories of a million springs and my Brief years of pain. O little tree, you have ...Rate it:

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Oh! Mr Best You're Very Bad
Jane Austen
Oh! Mr. Best, you're very bad And all the world shall know it; Your base behaviour shall be sung By me, a tunefull Poet.-- You used to go to Harro...Rate it:

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Once You're Gone
Kurt Philip Behm
Where do dreams go once you’ve dreamt them Where do feelings go once you’ve felt them Where does pain go once you’ve suffered it all Where...Rate it:

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When You’re Bad in Your Inside
Henry Lawson
I remarked that man is saddest, and his heart is filled with woe, When he hasn’t any money, and his pants begin to go; But I think I was mistaken, ...Rate it:

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You're a Poem
Leslie Alexis
Much like a poem are you to me, my love. Your breath's rhythm I feel and am in awe of, For it's like a breeze that takes me sky high Releases me, ...Rate it:

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You're Again With Me
Innokenty Fedorovich Annensky
You're again with me, my girlfriend autumn? But through your net of the boughs bared, Bluish tints were ne’er such pale and frozen, And I don’t rec...Rate it:

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You're Honeysuckle Love
Te'Arra Poetry
Views, I see yours stand out so gorgeously Tropical, fruity. so peacefully sweet in the morning's, I love youre sight in all the angles, ...Rate it:

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You're My Breath
Nikhil Parekh
You're the answer to all my riddles in life; miraculously healing all my traumatized agonies; with the insatiable magic in your voice, You're the...Rate it:

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You're right—
Emily Dickinson
You're right—"the way is narrow"— And "difficult the Gate"— And "few there be"—Correct again— That "enter in—thereat"— 'Tis Costly—So are purples!...Rate it:

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