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Will Yer Write It Down for Me?
Henry Lawson
In the parlour of the shanty where the lives have all gone wrong, When a singer or reciter gives a story or a song, Where the poet’s heart is speak...Rate it:

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Down, Wanton, Down!
Robert Graves
Down, wanton, down! Have you no shame That at the whisper of Love's name, Or Beauty's, presto! up you raise Your angry head and stand at gaze? ...Rate it:

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I Write because
Nikhil Parekh
I write to alleviate tumultuously bereaved humanity; impregnate optimistic beams of hope in the lives of all those miserably divested, I write to...Rate it:

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Write by Return
Henry Lawson
Clerk, corresponding, “Rooster and Comb”, Here I sit idle “Thinking of home”; I must be grafting— Living to earn, More correspondence, “Write by re...Rate it:

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Sonnet 34: Come Let Me Write
Sir Philip Sidney
Come, let me write. 'And to what end?' To ease A burthen'd heart. 'How can words ease, which are The glasses of thy daily vexing care?' Oft crue...Rate it:

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The Man Who Could Write
Rudyard Kipling
Shun -- shun the Bowl! That fatal, facile drink Has ruined many geese who dipped their quills in 't; Bribe, murder, marry, but steer clear of Ink S...Rate it:

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Write me a Sonnet
Jim Richardson
Write me a sonnet with love and beauty Beyond compare Write me a sonnetof warnth and solace And comfort O' so rare Pen your lines of freedom and pe...Rate it:

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Write With Every Fiber Of Your Being
Mario William Vitale
On the express basis of the unique premise of the creative write. One should implement their core genre; As an attribution toward success. We can’t...Rate it:

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I Write For
Ehsan Sehgal
I write love poetry For women only To touch their hearts And minds Since they are its blossom And fragrance Even its description I quote quotati...Rate it:

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A Write To the End
Kurt Philip Behm
A Big Wave Poem, —it breaks off the page And swells in your memory, now hollow with rage Its blank pages churning, new sounds fill the air ...Rate it:

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All the letters I can write
Emily Dickinson
All the letters I can write Are not fair as this— Syllables of Velvet— Sentences of Plush, Depths of Ruby, undrained, Hid, Lip, for Thee— Play it w...Rate it:

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I Write About The Butterfly
Louisa May Alcott
'I write about the butterfly, It is a pretty thing; And flies about like the birds, But it does not sing. 'First it is a little grub, And then it ...Rate it:

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I Write Of That Journey
I remember how my mother would hold me. I would look up at her sometimes and see her weep. I understand now what was happening. Love so strong a ...Rate it:

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If It Is True What the Prophets Write
William Blake
If it is true, what the Prophets write, That the heathen gods are all stocks and stones, Shall we, for the sake of being polite, Feed them with the...Rate it:

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On Being Asked To Write In Miss Westwood's Album
Charles Lamb
My feeble Muse, that fain her best would Write, at command of Frances Westwood, But feels her wits not in their best mood, Fell lately on some idle...Rate it:

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Only Write poetry
Nikhil Parekh
Could the ocean ever dream of relinquishing its majestic waves; flowing as placid as the solitary pond spawned by the monsoons? Could the sky eve...Rate it:

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Sonnet 40: As Good To Write
Sir Philip Sidney
As good to write as for to lie and groan, Oh Stella dear, how much thy power hath wrought, That hast my mind, none of the basest, brought My sti...Rate it:

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Write, Sing, See, And Feel
Kurt Philip Behm
Write your way out of a book Sing your way out of a song See your way out of the darkness Feel your way out —of what’s wrong (Villanov...Rate it:

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In Memory of Edward Wilson, Who Repented of What Was in His Mind to Write after Section
James Clerk Maxwell
Rigid Body (sings). Gin a body meet a body Flyin’ through the air, Gin a body hit a body, Will it fly? and where? Ilka impact has its measure,...Rate it:

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For A Lady Who Must Write Verse
Dorothy Parker
Unto seventy years and seven, Hide your double birthright well- You, that are the brat of Heaven And the pampered heir to Hell. Let your rhyme...Rate it:

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On Being Challenged to Write an Epigram in the Manner of Herrick
Sir Walter Raleigh
To Griggs, that learned man, in many a bygone session, His kids were his delight, and physics his profession; Now Griggs, grown old and gl...Rate it:

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Down-Hall. A Ballad.
Matthew Prior
Tune. - 'King John and the Abbot of Canterbury.' I sing not old Jason who travell'd through Greece To kiss the fair maids and possess the rich fle...Rate it:

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Ere Sleep Comes Down To Soothe The Weary Eyes
Paul Laurence Dunbar
ERE sleep comes down to soothe the weary eyes, Which all the day with ceaseless care have sought The magic gold which from the seeker flies; Ere d...Rate it:

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Down the River
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
Hark, the sound of it drawing nearer, Clink of hobble and brazen bell; Mark the passage of stalwart shearer, Bidding Monaro soil farewell. Where i...Rate it:

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Go Down, Death
James Weldon Johnson
Weep not, weep not, She is not dead; She's resting in the bosom of Jesus. Heart-broken husband--weep no more; Grief-stricken son--weep no more; Lef...Rate it:

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