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Percy Bysshe Shelley
the Monarch’s hand, And from the warrior’s grasp wrest the ensanguined brand. Oh! Peace, soft PeaceRate it:

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The Laws of God, The Laws of Man
Alfred Edward Housman
way. But no, they will not; they must still Wrest their neighbor to their will, And make me dance aRate it:

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Agamemnon’s Tomb
Emma Lazarus
sword, the knife with brazen haft. Fain would we wrest with curious eyes from these Unnumbered longRate it:

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An Ode
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
was indeed to live— At one bold swoop to wrest From darkling death the best That death to life can Rate it:

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As Old George Said
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
trade, Not with the tawdry treasure that we wrest From this scarred earth, nor things men's hands Rate it:

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Aspirants Three
Ambrose Bierce
neither should achieve the prize, for I Would wrest it from him. Let us not contend, But friendliwiRate it:

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Damayante To Nala In The Hour Of Exile
Sarojini Naidu
light. O king, thy kingdom who from thee can wrest? What fate shall dare uncrown thee from this Rate it:

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George A. Knight
Ambrose Bierce
Knight his weapon keep in sheath, Or do Thou wrest it from between his teeth! Rate it:

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Honours - Part1
Jean Ingelow
False, false, a random charge, a blame undue; Wrest not fair reasoning to a crooked end: False, faRate it:

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In grey days
Emily Pauline Johnson
my neighbour-- But not to me. Sometime I'll wrest from others More than all this, I shall deRate it:

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William Wordsworth
"Ah wherefore?--Did not Hercules by force Wrest from the guardian monster of the tomb AlcestisRate it:

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Mine Own John Poynz
Sir Thomas Wyatt
counsel, for profit still to paint. I cannot wrest the law to fill the coffer With innocent blood tRate it:

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Mine Own John Poynz
David McKee Wright
counsel, for profit still to paint. I cannot wrest the law to fill the coffer With innocent blood tRate it:

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Ode On Lord Hay's BirthDay
James Beattie
lofty crest, And from his grasp the dagger wrest, And desolating brand: 'Twas this, that raised thRate it:

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Of all nacyons vnder the heuyn
John Skelton
the rypest. Dremyng in dumpys to wrangyll & to wrest. He fyndeth a proporcyon in his prycke-songe. Rate it:

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Of Justice
John Denham
remembers all; And yet our attestations we may wrest Sometimes to make the truth more manifest; If Rate it:

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Presented To The King, At His Arrival In Holland, After The Discovery Of The Conspiracy. 1696
Matthew Prior
Law with all her pompous Terror stands, To wrest the Dagger from the Traitor's Hands; And rigid JusRate it:

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Psalm 56
Isaac Watts
flesh can do, The offspring of the dust. They wrest my words to mischief still, Charge me with unkRate it:

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Quand Meme
Edith Nesbit
Fate, Through years her ban makes desolate; We wrest our love from doubt and fear, And find it sRate it:

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William Blake
and conquer him by force unconquerable, and wrest his secret from him. Call thine alluring arts andRate it:

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Sonnet IX: As Other Men
Michael Drayton
men, so I myself do muse Why in this sort I wrest invention so, And why these giddy metaphors I uRate it:

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Sonnet XLIV: Cloud and Wind
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
the straits of change? Alas! but who Shall wrest a bond from night's inveteracy, Ere yet my hazardoRate it:

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Edith Nesbit
quench in prayer and fast all human fire, And wrest from Heaven the blessings that he sought. AnRate it:

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The Bait
John Donne
from slimy nest The bedded fish in banks out-wrest; Or curious traitors, sleeve-silk flies, Rate it:

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The Convocation: A Poem
Richard Savage
confest, And Sectaries the Scriptures falsly wrest. Amongst the Tribe, how few are, as they ought,Rate it:

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