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Siegfried Sassoon
Shaped by the wise Who gazed in breathing wonderment, And left us their brave eyes To light the Rate it:

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A Child
Arthur Henry Adams
Little wisp of wonderment, All the world your doll! Hugging it in huge content, Little wisp of wonderment; Life has only laughter sent— E...Rate it:

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A Doe In The City
William Makepeace Thackeray
went, To the Didland door, Sir; Porters lost in wonderment, Let her pass before, Sir. 'Madam,' sayRate it:

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An Ever Changing Tide
Kurt Philip Behm
and pulling, the Universe goes on Cosmology’s wonderment, each day a new dawn The Spacetime CRate it:

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Johnsonian Address
James Brunton Stephens
that we have built— This brave o'erhanging wonderment of gilt— This spacious hall, where festival iRate it:

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Second Childhood
Robert William Service
second childhood coming on, That yet with wonderment I may See life as in its lucent dawn, And be bRate it:

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On this day as much as any other
stephen mason
am more than alive. Lost to describe the sheer wonderment of now On this day as much as any other Rate it:

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A Dream of Venice
Ada Cambridge
I was lifted down, And gazed about in stupid wonderment, Holding my little Katie by the hand— MRate it:

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A Drought Idyll
George Essex Evans
milk,' McGinty, trembling, viewed the scene in wonderment and funk, Then lifted up his voice and rRate it:

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A Symbol
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
feeling Is like the stir made And wonderment swell By man on earth's face. The Rate it:

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Amoretti III: The Sovereign Beauty
Edmund Spenser
her titles true, It ravish'd is with fancy's wonderment: Yet in my heart I then both speak and wriRate it:

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An Invitation
Alfred Domett
departed -- From the workaday World all the wonderment flown? Well, but what if there gleamed,Rate it:

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At Your Timelessly Divine Feet
Nikhil Parekh
most pristinely panoramic gorges of stupendous wonderment; to tirelessly enthrall even the most infRate it:

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Aunt Imogen
Edwin Arlington Robinson
to be themselves; But in the midst of her glad wonderment She found herself besieged and overcome Rate it:

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Ballade of my Lady's Beauty
Joyce Kilmer
doth sway In cerule napery bedight. My wonderment these twain invite, Their comeliness it Rate it:

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Ben apfelgarten
Eugene Field
on earth the women had gone mad! And this wonderment increased Till the sympathetic priesRate it:

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Casey at the Bat
Ernest Lawrence Thayer
the bat. But Flynn let drive a single, to the wonderment of all, And Blake, the much despisèd, torRate it:

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Joyce Kilmer
to buy his curious wares? Here is a shop of wonderment. From every land has come a prize; Rich sRate it:

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Robert William Service
I abhor society And female chatter. As I with wonderment survey Their peacock dresses, My mind is wRate it:

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Entirely Your Very Own Decision
Nikhil Parekh
them for sketching the fathomlessly panoramic wonderment of this planet; or whether you entwine theRate it:

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From A Poem
Boris Pasternak
not last, This momentary tribute of bright wonderment, But ever, all our life, recede into the paRate it:

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Gorgon or the Wonderful Year
Gabriel Harvey
dispos'd to cunnycatch the world, Vproar'd a wonderment of Eighty Eight: The Earth addreadiRate it:

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Impossible "Possible".
Nikhil Parekh
beautifully impeccable whites; the fathomless wonderment of the inscrutable Universe that tirelesslRate it:

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Le Masque (The Mask)
Charles Baudelaire
Strength in sisterhood divine; A marvel only wonderment can measure, Divinely strong, superbly slRate it:

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Lines Composed In A Concert-Room
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
strain Bursts in a squall, they gape for wonderment. Hark! the deep buzz of vanity and hate! ScornRate it:

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