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pass by with the outlook bleak, everyday he weakens, he feels completely beaten, the adult with speRate it:

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The Past And Future Have Died
Kurt Philip Behm
‘A truth now a dare’ As my eyes start to weaken The roots of memory expose — new feelings pumpRate it:

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A Lay of St. Gengulphus
Richard Harris Barham
so great the effect of that stiff gin grog, His weaken'd body, subdued by the toddy, Falls out ofRate it:

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A Sketch
George Gordon Lord Byron
infect not, near Contagion soil, Indulgence weaken, nor Example spoil, Nor master'd Science tempt hRate it:

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Absalom and Achitophel
John Dryden
thought God's enemies the more. Thus, worn and weaken'd, well or ill content, Submit they must toRate it:

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An Epistle To Dr. Moore
Helen Maria Williams
near, And swift restore with influence kind, My weaken'd frame, my drooping mind. With like benignRate it:

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An Ode - Presented To The King, On His Majesty's Arrival In Holland, After The Queen's Death
Matthew Prior
piety itself would blame If her regrets should weaken thine. To cure thy wo she shows thy fame, LeRate it:

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Annus Mirabilis, The Year Of Wonders, 1666
John Dryden
must shake each land: Where France will side to weaken us by war, Who only can his vast designs witRate it:

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Collective Tapestry III
Mario William Vitale
the cadence Silence To All shades of shame to weaken eating like a vegan carry on with a song faRate it:

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Crossing Over — Turned Around
Kurt Philip Behm
a fiery contrail And with only one question To weaken my heart With only one thing to know The seRate it:

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Drury-lane Prologue Spoken by Mr. Garrick
Samuel Johnson
her aid. 29 Then crush'd by rules, and weaken'd as refin'd, 30 For years the pow'r of trRate it:

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Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Four
Henry Kendall
the place Some signs of Love to worst and weaken doubt. So you may find in every afterthought A peRate it:

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Elegy XI. He Complains How Soon the Pleasing Novelty of Life Is Over
William Shenstone
Reason learns by studied laws to reign, The weaken'd passions, self-subdued, obey. Scarce has the Rate it:

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How Could a Lover Fall?
Sant Tukaram
What could have caused your grip to weaken that allowed creation to be? How could a lover fall to his death from the arms of infinite strength? ...Rate it:

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I’m an Older Man Than You
Henry Lawson
say that you were not; Do not rave or brood and weaken, and the years will prove you true, Let yourRate it:

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Lycus the Centaur
Thomas Hood
and full-utter'd groans; All shuddering weaken, till hush'd in a pause Of tongues in mute motion Rate it:

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My Dearest Frank, I Wish You Joy
Jane Austen
would not with one foult dispense To weaken the resemblance. May he revive thy Nursery sin, PeepingRate it:

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Busywork Ruimbe
that rains like thoughts of waters to weaken her soils, Water that soaks and softens her to produceRate it:

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Sonnet 66: And Do I See Some Cause
Sir Philip Sidney
Or doth the tedious burden of long woe In weaken'd minds, quick apprehension breed, Of every imaRate it:

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Spring On Mattagmi
Duncan Campbell Scott
her heart was all atremble, Lest her will should weaken and make her heart a slave. If she could bRate it:

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The Book of Urizen: Chapter IX
William Blake
shootings & grindings Thro' all the coasts; till weaken'd The Senses inward rush'd shrinking, BeneaRate it:

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The Dreamers
William Wilfred Campbell
distress, 'Haste, haste below, where strong arms weaken, The fighting ones grow less and less! GreaRate it:

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The Golden Yesterday
Roderic Quinn
— To urge his feet lest his feet should weaken, Drag and falter with weariness. Love and honour, anRate it:

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The Silent Member
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
to ten. Then Bill began to crumple up, and weaken at the knees, When all at once he ups and shoutsRate it:

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The Torture of Cuauhtemoc
Alan Seeger
comfort -- what was this That one should weaken now? He weakened not. Whate'er was in his heart, Rate it:

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