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He was weak, and I was strong—then
Emily Dickinson
He was weak, and I was strong—then— So He let me lead him in— I was weak, and He was strong then— So I let him lead me—Home. 'Twasn't far—the door...Rate it:

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Sonnet 102: My love is strengthened, though more weak in seeming
William Shakespeare
My love is strengthened, though more weak in seeming; I love not less, though less the show appear; That love is merchandized, whose rich esteeming...Rate it:

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Sonnet XXIX: Like Some Weak Lords
Sir Philip Sidney
Like some weak lords, neighbor'd by mighty kings, To keep themselves and their chief cities free, Do easily yield, that all their coasts may be ...Rate it:

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Sonnet XXVIII: Weak Is the Sophistry
Mary Darby Robinson
Weak is the sophistry, and vain the art That whispers patience to the mind's despair! That bids reflection bathe the wounds of care, While Hope, wi...Rate it:

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Weak Is The Will Of Man, His Judgement Blind
William Wordsworth
'WEAK is the will of Man, his judgment blind; 'Remembrance persecutes, and Hope betrays; 'Heavy is woe;--and joy, for human-kind, 'A mournful thing...Rate it:

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Book Seventh [Residence in London]
William Wordsworth
SIX changeful years have vanished since I first Poured out (saluted by that quickening breeze Which met me issuing from the City's walls) A glad pr...Rate it:

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Rupert Brooke
From the candles and dumb shadows, And the house where love had died, I stole to the vast moonlight And the whispering life outside. But I found...Rate it:

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Arthur Symons
Praise God, who wrought for you and me Your subtle body made for love; God, who from all eternity Willed our divided ways should move Together, and...Rate it:

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The Legend of St. Laura
Thomas Love Peacock
Saint Laura, in her sleep of death, Preserves beneath the tomb ---'Tis willed where what is willed must be--- In incorruptibility Her beauty and he...Rate it:

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Vesalius In Zante
Edith Wharton
Set wide the window. Let me drink the day. I loved light ever, light in eye and brain— No tapers mirrored in long palace floors, Nor dedicated dept...Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 06 - part 05
Torquato Tasso
LVII He honored her, served her, and leave her gave, And willed her go whither and when she list, Her gold and jewels had he care to save, And the...Rate it:

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A Dogs' View
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
then, who knows? Some badly balanced pup, Weak-willed, and too intent on hectic joys, Will learn tRate it:

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Charles Kingsley
Over the sea, past Crete, on the Syrian shore to the southward, Dwells in the well-tilled lowland a dark-haired AEthiop people, Skilful with needle...Rate it:

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Any Wife To Any Husband
Robert Browning
My love, this is the bitterest, that thou--- Who art all truth, and who dost love me now As thine eyes say, as thy voice breaks to say--- Shoulds...Rate it:

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Arthur Henry Adams
FOR nine drear nights my darling has been dead; And ah, dear God! I cannot dream of her! Now I shall see her always lying white— A frozen f...Rate it:

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Father Abe
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
(Song of the American Sons of Labour) The Song O WE knew so well, dear Father, When we answered to your call, And the Southern Moloch stricken Sh...Rate it:

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Honours - Part2
Jean Ingelow
(The Answer.) As one who, journeying, checks the rein in haste   Because a chasm doth yawn across his way Too wide for leaping, and too steeply fa...Rate it:

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Satan Absolved
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
(In the antechamber of Heaven. Satan walks alone. Angels in groups conversing.) Satan. To--day is the Lord's ``day.'' Once more on His good pleasur...Rate it:

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Song at the Feast of Brougham Castle upon the Restoration o
William Wordsworth
, High in the breathless Hall the Minstrel sate, And Emont's murmur mingled with the Song.-- The words of ancient time I thus translat...Rate it:

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Sympathy Is Worse Than Death
Nikhil Parekh
Sympathy makes an organism feel dreadfully weak—as if the world around it had metamorphosed into a coffin of morose blackness; though an infinite s...Rate it:

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The Auction Sale
Robert William Service
little dramas of the common day! A man weak-willed and fore-ordained to fail . . . The window's empRate it:

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The Gentle Water Bird (for Mary Gilmore)
John Shaw Neilson
In the far days, when every day was long, Fear was upon me and the fear was strong, Ere I had learned the recompense of song. In the dim days I tr...Rate it:

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The Mutiny of the Chains
John Boyle O'Reilly
PENAL COLONY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA, 1857 THE sun rose o'er dark Fremantle, And the Sentry stood on the wall; Above him, with white lines swinging...Rate it:

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The Wail of Two Cities
John Boyle O'Reilly
Chicago, October 9,1871. GAUNT in the midst of the prairie, She who was once so fair; Charred and rent are her garments, Heavy and dark like ce...Rate it:

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The Watchman
Lucy Maud Montgomery
And for fear of Him the keepers did shake and become as dead men. ­-Matthew 28 and 4 My Claudia, it is long since we have met, So kissed, so held...Rate it:

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