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Our New Horse
Andrew Barton Paterson
him right out of the hunt, And clap it on warmer and warmer Whenever he gets near the front. "IRate it:

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The Convent Threshold
Christina Georgina Rossetti
a leaden tester to my bed; Find you a warmer playfellow, A warmerRate it:

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The Old Chartist
George Meredith
Until they grow TOO violent,-why, then, A warmer welcome I might chance to meet: Warmer and bettRate it:

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American Feuillage
Walt Whitman
great trout swimming; In lower latitudes, in warmer air, in the Carolinas, the large black Rate it:

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The Winter Blahs
Sonia Walker
requires more time as you dream of living in a warmer clime. Oh man, you've got the winter blahs. Rate it:

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some sort of coming around again
stephen mason
feeding a fire that came to make the cold warmer. Some sort of coming around again, another life wRate it:

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A Memorial
John Greenleaf Whittier
thy own with self-distrust? All hearts grew warmer in the presence Of one who, seeking not his ownRate it:

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A Panegyric
Edmund Waller
that henceforth must be content to know No warmer region, than their hills of snow, May blame theRate it:

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A Receipt To Restore Stella’s Youth. 1724-5
Jonathan Swift
all your flesh is wasted; And must against the warmer days Be sent to Quilca down to graze; Where mRate it:

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A Song
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
I've a kiss from a warmer lover Than maiden earth can be: She blew it up to the skies above her, And now it has c...Rate it:

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A Tryst
Celia Thaxter
and calm, it kept Its fatal path aright. Then warmer waves gnawed at its crumbling base, As if in Rate it:

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Amy Wentworth
John Greenleaf Whittier
of the ancient town, I have not touched with warmer tints in vain, If, in this dark, sad year, it sRate it:

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An Elegy on a Lap-dog
John Gay
cease; restrain thy flowing tears, 26 Some warmer passion will dispel thy cares. 27 In man you'Rate it:

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Anacreontick II
Thomas Parnell
the Sight, While easy Breezes, softer Rain, And warmer Suns salute the Plain; 'Twas then, in yonderRate it:

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And Does She Still Perceive
Christopher John Brennan
before her step, amid the pale sweet grass? or warmer flush our poppies with her blush as the lRate it:

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Andrew Rykman’s Prayer
John Greenleaf Whittier
fails my heart to greet Noble deed with warmer beat; Halt and maimed, I own not less All the grace Rate it:

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Charlotte Smith
arrowy sleet, or weltering snows. --But to the warmer West the woodbine fair With tassels that perfRate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
smoother, and the brown tree-root Felt the mould warmer: I too felt (As water feels the slow gold mRate it:

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Autumn Thoughts
John Greenleaf Whittier
heart.' I soothe my wintry sleep with dreams Of warmer sun and softer rain, And wait to hear the soRate it:

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Birds Of Passage
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
toiling, beating pinions, fly, Seeking a warmer clime. From their distant flight Through realRate it:

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Boldness in Love
Thomas Carew
ray, The she spreads, then she receives His warmer beams into her virgin leaves. So shalt thou thrRate it:

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Channel Firing
Thomas Hardy
for so much threatening... "Ha, ha. It will be warmer when I blow the trumpet (if indeed I everRate it:

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Christmas Trees
Robert Frost
the house all bare, Where the sun shines now no warmer than the moon. I’d hate to have them know itRate it:

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Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
Minstrel,' in his trembling lays, Woke with a warmer heart the earnest meed of praise! For easy Rate it:

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Die insel Bachi.
Hans Sachs
sprang in dem hag, Die fisch schnalzten in warmer wag; 25 Die insel stunt voller weinreben: In hoRate it:

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