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Little Viennese Waltz
Federico García Lorca
hall. Ay, ay, ay, ay! Take this close-mouthed waltz. Little waltz, little waltz, little waltz, ofRate it:

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After Hearing A Waltz By Bartok
Amy Lowell
and winked in the lights overhead. And the waltz from the ballroom I heard, When I called him a loRate it:

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A Waltz-Quadrille
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The band was playing a waltz-quadrille, I felt as light as a wind-blown feather, As we floated away, at the caller’s will, Through the intrica...Rate it:

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Piccolo Valzer Viennese
Federico García Lorca
valzer. English Translation Little Viennese Waltz In Vienna there are ten little girls a shoulRate it:

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Sex & Black Velvet Cake
Mario William Vitale
key courts the perfect lock moon shadows waltz serenely under a black velvet shy shooting stars areRate it:

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Emma Lazarus
spin the unseen, fairy woof Of the entangling waltz. Bright eyebeams meet, Gay laughter echoes frRate it:

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Christmas Eve
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
and mirth upsetting my rooms and, after, Music, waltz upon waltz, till the June day broke. Where iRate it:

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Evening Harmony
Charles Baudelaire
all swirl in evening’s gentle fume; A melancholy waltz, a languid vertigo! Each flower is a censerRate it:

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Harmonic Du Soir
Lord Alfred Douglas
air is full of scents and melodies, O languorous waltz ! O swoon of dancing feet! Each flower, likRate it:

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New Year's Eve
Robert William Service
fan-palms arched above; The witching strain of a waltz by Strauss came up to our cool retreat, Rate it:

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Dragon Blood
alone to dance in the pain of degredation and waltz in the face of death until God calls him to reRate it:

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She Rode the Train to Glory
Sonia Walker
with this stranger. He asked her to dance a waltz or two with him, They kept dancing until the ligRate it:

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The End of the World
Archibald MacLeish
drum Pointed, and Teeny was about to cough In waltz-time swinging Jocko by the thumb Quite unexpectRate it:

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The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God
John Milton Hayes
square she could hear the dreamy air Of a waltz tune softly stealing thro' the gloom. His door wasRate it:

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H for Higher.
in Slime Silly me ! is That a crime? As they Waltz away from time. Breathing carefully, the hole siRate it:

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A Society Leader
Ambrose Bierce
men cut capers in the German, Cotillion, waltz, or what you will, and whizz And spin and hop and spRate it:

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An English Girl
William Schwenck Gilbert
fan conceals her yawning), She'll waltz away like a teetotum, And never go home till daylight's dawRate it:

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An Old Song
Rudyard Kipling
Corset, Plume, and Spur By Riot, Revel, Waltz, and War, By Women, Work, and Bills, By all the life Rate it:

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Aspiring Miss DeLaine
Francis Bret Harte
bars of a coop; Something light, that a lady may waltz in, or polk, With a freedom that none but yoRate it:

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At an Old Drawer
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
wilted, How passionately sweet The wild waltz smelled and lilted In time for flying feet; How lRate it:

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Catching The Coach
Alfred Thomas Chandler
lively hour's sun; Now trip out your licence, or waltz oRate it:

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Dance-Hall Girls
Robert William Service
in champagne I used to toast, or cozen in the waltz's whirl, In now alas, a wistful ghost. Oh whereRate it:

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Divided And Split
Kurt Philip Behm
dance to a tune both off key and off step To waltz freely with what comes from above Do the momenRate it:

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End To End
Kurt Philip Behm
book The memory book An orchestra calls a final waltz —its conductor off the stage The promised Rate it:

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Euterpe: A Cantanta
Henry Kendall
children fall to rest, To rest. No. 11 Waltz Chorus When the summer moon is beaming On the stirleRate it:

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