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So has a Daisy vanished
Emily Dickinson
So has a Daisy vanished From the fields today— So tiptoed many a slipper To Paradise away— Oozed so in crimson bubbles Day's departing tide— Bloom...Rate it:

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Vanished At Cock-Crow
Ambrose Bierce
'I've found the secret of your charm,' I said, Expounding with complacency my guess. Alas! the charm, even as I named it, fled, For all its secret ...Rate it:

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A Summer In Tuscany
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
of him?--Lost in eclipse! All are scattered and vanished, Laughter and smiles and tears, Gone withRate it:

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The Widow Of Crescentius : Part I.
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
twine; The cypress, in funeral grace, Usurps the vanished column's place; O'er fallen shrine and ruRate it:

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Ultima Thule: Elegiac
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
isles, unto Ausonian shores. Now they have vanished away, have disappeared in the ocean; Sunk areRate it:

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Elijah Browning
Edgar Lee Masters
me. They mocked me and danced a rigadoon and vanished.... All was changed again. Out of a bower of Rate it:

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Ghost House
Robert Frost
I dwell in a lonely house I know That vanished many a summer ago, And left no trace but the cellar walls, And a cellar in which the daylight falls,...Rate it:

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Albert and the 'Eadsman
Marriott Edgar
like that, there. When Pa saw the way as they vanished He trembled with fear and looked blue, 'TilRate it:

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Fable XLII. The Juggler
John Gay
A second puff the magic broke, The padlock vanished, and he spoke. Twelve bottles ranged upon thRate it:

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Fifth Sunday After Epiphany
John Keble
to cry, As if Thy love and power Were vanished from her sky; Yet God is there, and at His siRate it:

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Alfred Austin
peeping through? Seen through the vista of the vanished years, How trivial seem the struggle and thRate it:

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Haunted In Old Japan
Alfred Noyes
saw the dark eyes deepening with tears, Hear the vanished voices in the land beyond the years. V WRate it:

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Hiawatha's Fasting
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
sets, I will come again to try you." And he vanished, and was seen not; Whether sinking as the rRate it:

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I can't tell you—but you feel it
Emily Dickinson
and pencil Solve our April Day! Sweeter than a vanished frolic From a vanished green! Swifter thanRate it:

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In England
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
pervading scent that clings To laces touched by vanished hands; Yes, touched by vanished hands, whiRate it:

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Julian at the Mysteries
Constantine P. Cavafy
came back and he crossed himself. The Figures vanished at once; the haloes faded away, the lights wRate it:

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Lines Written In Dejection
William Butler Yeats
are gone. The holy centaurs of the hills are vanished; I have nothing but the embittered sun; BanisRate it:

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Mary Rivers
Henry Kendall
streamlets run— Twenty shining springs have vanished, full of flower, and leaf, and bird, Since theRate it:

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Memory's River
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
old dreams without number, And faces long vanished peer out into sight. Those dear foolish days whRate it:

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Old Stone Chimney
Henry Lawson
peace bereft, To find the farm and the homestead vanished, And only the old stone chimney left. TheRate it:

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Peter Bell The Third
Percy Bysshe Shelley
half-a-crown; and when The storm which bore him vanished, nought That in the house that storm had cRate it:

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Mathilde Blind
upon their onward flight Have men's generations vanished, waned and vanished into night. Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
saw the walls expand. The narrow room had vanished,--space, Broad, luminous, remained alone, ThrouRate it:

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John Clare
like a desert by the never weary plough All vanished like the sun where that cloud is passing now ARate it:

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Emily Jane Brontë
almost time to rest; What thoughts has left the vanished day, What feelings, in thy breast? "The Rate it:

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