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Upon the Priory Grove, His Usual Retirement
Henry Vaughan
Hail sacred shades! cool, leavy House! Chaste treasurer of all my vows, And wealth! on whose soft bosom laid My love's fair steps I first betray...Rate it:

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Poetic Carousel Pt. I
Mario William Vitale
to the end my faithful friend (5) Business As Usual it isn't casual its business as usual throughRate it:

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A Nightmare
William Schwenck Gilbert
brain is on fire - the bedclothes conspire of usual slumber to plunder you: First your counterpane Rate it:

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Carol Of Occupations
Walt Whitman
The learn'd, virtuous, benevolent, and the usual terms; A man like me, and never the usual terRate it:

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Only A Boche
Robert William Service
three little laughing girls, With the usual tiny rosebud mouths and the usual silken curls. "Zut!" Rate it:

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The Bridge: The Tunnel
Harold Hart Crane
Then let you reach your hat and go. As usual, let you—also walking down—exclaim to twelve upwRate it:

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The Servant Girl Justified
La Fontaine
'tis the queen who writes, or not; I shall, as usual, here and there allot Whate'er additions requiRate it:

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Definition Of The Frontiers
Archibald MacLeish
lapses or falling away or surges of air as is usual but rather like the persistent pressure of a riRate it:

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Dressing the Doll
William Brighty Rands
three and nine times nine: These are only her usual clothes. Look, there ’s a wardrobe! gracious Rate it:

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I Reject You
Ehsan Sehgal
and white Nothing to worry me I am on my way As usual I just know that My level will find me, My maRate it:

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They Part
Dorothy Parker
rosemary for you and me; But is it usual, dear, To hire a man, and fill a van By way of souveniRate it:

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by Olympus... A good deal more than your usual Idols and different from them usurper of all longiRate it:

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Dover To Munich
Charles Stuart Calverley
glows, Then sinks behind yon ridge; And the usual evening midge Is settling on the bridge Of my nosRate it:

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Veni Vidi Vici
Alan Parry-Booth
gave a great display and tried their usual tricks They ended up with sixteen points, New Zealand twRate it:

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My Handicap Beach
Buffy Sammons
to places that make you feel different than the usual girl in the wheelchair always needing help frRate it:

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Ehsan Sehgal
Oh, my dear cheater I am very usual And addicted To become cheated Help, please And cheat me Once again So that I would understand Your character I...Rate it:

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A Ballad for Elderly Kids
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'Practice' and 'Rule.' And if we deserted the 'Usual Plan' He believed that the nation would fall. Rate it:

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A Grave
Marianne Moore
and noise of bell-buoys, advances as usual, looking as if it were not that ocean in whicRate it:

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A New York Child's Garden of Verses
Franklin P. Adams
(With the usual.) I In winter I get up at night, And dress by an electric light. In summer, autumn, ay, and spring, I have to do the self-same thi...Rate it:

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A Prince from Western Libya
Constantine P. Cavafy
howlers in Greek and the Alexandrians, in their usual way, would make fun of him, vile people that Rate it:

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A proper trewe idyll of camelot
Eugene Field
wildly home,-- A mediaeval horseman with ye usual flecks of foame; And he did brast into ye ring, wRate it:

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A Royal Princess
Christina Georgina Rossetti
singing men and women sang that night as usual, The dancers danced in pairs and sets, but music hadRate it:

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Alma; or, The Progress of the Mind. In Three Cantos. - Canto II.
Matthew Prior
marry now and settle, Fierce Love abates his usual mettle; Worldly desires and household cares DistRate it:

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An Epistle To William Hogarth
Charles Churchill
of my zeal repress'd. Canst thou, with more than usual warmth she cried, Thy malice to indulge, andRate it:

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An etching
Emily Pauline Johnson
at his chest, Both hardy hands within their usual nest-- His breeches pockets--so, he waits to reRate it:

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