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A Song Of Anzac
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
unblooded to red war's unholy ways. From a land untouched by slaughter Fared they forth across thRate it:

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Emma Lazarus
THE holy bell, untouched by human hands, Clanged suddenly, and tolled with solemn knell. Between the massive, blazoned temple-doors, Thrown wide,...Rate it:

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Safe in their alabaster chambers,
Emily Dickinson
Safe in their alabaster chambers, Untouched by morning and untouched by noon, Sleep the meek members of the resurrection, Rafter of satin, and roof...Rate it:

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known The quantifying ellipsis Unseen to seem… Untouched by answer Suddenly an epiphany swathed Rate it:

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Saša Milivojev - COME BACK
Saša Milivojev
steps Vanished touches of mute fingers Wrap my untouched neck Like a wineglass overfilled Like mothRate it:

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Beyond The Self
Kurt Philip Behm
on their own Can the present be something untouched Can you believe what the facts will disprRate it:

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The life we choose
Dead poets society
many, my song will still be left in my heart, untouched as the day I was born. Trying to escape a bRate it:

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A Parental Ode to My Son, Aged 3 Years and 5 months
Thomas Hood
laughing sprite! With spirits feather-light, Untouched by sorrow, and unsoiled by sin; (Good HeavenRate it:

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In His Image
Donka Kristeva
intact, and proved man's spiritual nature to be untouched and undiminished by death, disease and sRate it:

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An Ode To The Hills
Archibald Lampman
word, In your grey majesty and sovereign calm, Untouched, unstirred. Tempest and thunderstroke, WiRate it:

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Lets Love Each Other
Nikhil Parekh
ecstasy; sharing our joy and wholesomely untouched by the orthodox bickering of this narrow minded Rate it:

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A Fragment
Adam Lindsay Gordon
flowers Are sweeter in perfume Than when, untouched by deadly dew, They glowed in early bloom. TheRate it:

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A New Pilgrimage: Sonnet XIX
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
or lowly. One title Paris holds above the rest Untouched by time or fortune's change or frown, One Rate it:

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A Year's Carols
Algernon Charles Swinburne
conscience of thy sovereign state Untouched of thunder, though the storm Scathe here and thereRate it:

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Gelett Burgess
last Or would some odors from the blast, Untouched by Time, accrue? Is present pain a future blissRate it:

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Address To My Infant Daughter, Dora On Being Reminded That She Was A Month Old That Day, September 1
William Wordsworth
bears to hers, through gathered clouds, Moving untouched in silver purity, And cheering oft-times tRate it:

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Alas! This Is Not What I Thought Life Was
Percy Bysshe Shelley
men, Misery and hate; nor did I hope to pass Untouched by suffering, through the rugged glen. In miRate it:

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Armistice Day 1933
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
and sleep, and wake to laugh again; And babes, untouched by pain of days long gone, Untaught by sacRate it:

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Avec ses vêtements ondoyants et nacrés (With Waving Opalescense In Her Gown)
Charles Baudelaire
of deserts and their skies, By human sufferings untouched and free, Or like the surfy curtains of tRate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
the minute sparkling of darkness Which vibrates untouched and virile through the grandeur of night,Rate it:

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Alan Seeger
horizons untravelled, unscanned. Untroubled, untouched with the woes of this world are the moon-mRate it:

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De Erotio Puella
Robert Louis Stevenson
teeth of India that with polish glow, The untouched lilies or the morning snow. Her tresses did golRate it:

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Dead Man's Dump
Isaac Rosenberg
on the shrieking pyre, Walk, our usual thoughts untouched, Our lucky limbs as on ichor fed, ImmortaRate it:

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Dibdin's Ghost
Eugene Field
vent their wrath Upon the guilty soul. Untouched of bibliomaniac grace, That saveth such as we, Rate it:

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Drawers Of My Memory
Kurt Philip Behm
Or Cold” The dresser sits quiet, its handles untouched As new history begins with each write AndRate it:

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