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In War-Time: A Prayer Of The Understanding
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Lo, this is night. Hast thou, oh sun, refused Thy countenance, or is thy golden arm Shortened, or from thy shining place in heaven Art thou put dow...Rate it:

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Sara Teasdale
I understood the rest too well, And all their thoughts have come to be Clear as grey sea-weed in the swell Of a sunny shallow sea. But you I never...Rate it:

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Constantine P. Cavafy
The years of my youth, my sensual life -- how clearly I see their meaning now. What needless repentances, how futile.... But I did not understand...Rate it:

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The Interpretation of Nature and
Sir Francis Bacon
II. Neither the naked hand nor the understanding left to itself can effect much. It iRate it:

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Teaching XVIII
Khalil Gibran
mind. The astronomer may speak to you of his understanding of space, but he cannot give you his uRate it:

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Oscar Wilde in Prison (Pantoum)
Marieta Maglas
reach the ultimate achievement of wisdom. While understanding Christ, he was overwhelmed with chagRate it:

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An Elegy on the Death of the Virtuous Lady Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland
Francis Beaumont
sorrow which brought forth my verse; May my dull understanding have the might Only to know her lastRate it:

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Ambrose Bierce
door?- Ingratitude, with benefits dismissed, Not understanding what 'tis all about, Will Envy henceRate it:

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He will guide you
Anthony Logan
…..Lord at this time in my life through your understanding and guidance I can look back and say thaRate it:

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Holy Spirit
Mario William Vitale
a spiritual awakening a peace that passes all understanding the go between the comforter a hearRate it:

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In Broken Images
Robert Graves
my broken images. He in a new confusion of his understanding; I in a new understanding of my confRate it:

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Giving chapter V
Khalil Gibran
asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding; And to the open-handed the searchRate it:

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Mohamed K. Koroma
its a soft landing Please help me,I need an understanding Safety,What is it anyway Is it a wishingRate it:

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In Bondage
Claude McKay
and space for play Before they come to years of understanding-- Somewhere I would be singing, farRate it:

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Garden of Love
Jeanne Fiedler
and peace and joy The love that transcends all understanding - the mystery and beauty we all haveRate it:

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The Stream
giving Sharing laughter Sharing tears Understanding Stop from bursting The dam that keeps me fRate it:

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Khalil Gibran
too much tenderness. To be wounded by your own understanding of love; And to bleed willingly anRate it:

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Pain XVI
Khalil Gibran
is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit mustRate it:

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Divine Compassion
Donka Kristeva
man, and Lazarus alive. With power and eternal understanding, he cried aloud, "Lazarus, come fRate it:

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5 Newest Pieces By Mario Vitale & Bio
Mario William Vitale
to begin again Choices Many have a hard time understanding They live for self and that of socieRate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
to begin again Choices Many have a hard time understanding They live for self and that of socieRate it:

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A Bitter Taste
Mario William Vitale
A Bitter Taste Many have a hard time understanding They live for self and that of society They are the walking dead yet they don't even know ...Rate it:

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A Bush Christening
Andrew Barton Paterson
them brand colts, And it seemed to his small understanding, If the man in the frock made him one ofRate it:

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A Deeper Way
Mario William Vitale
gain wisdom with all thy getting gain understanding one has remained lax from what's spiritualRate it:

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A Father To His Son
Carl Sandburg
of the cheap follies thus arriving at intimate understanding of a world numbering many fools. Tell Rate it:

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