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I breathed enough to learn the trick,
Emily Dickinson
I breathed enough to learn the trick, And now, removed from air, I simulate the breath so well, That one, to be quite sure The lungs are sti...Rate it:

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Yarra Flats
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
for Yarra flats. He taught them an amusing trick with three elusive cards; But with suspicion suchRate it:

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Meddlesome Matty
Ann Taylor
One ugly trick has often spoil'd The sweetest and the best; Matilda, though a pleasant child, One ugly trick possess'd, Which, like a cloud befo...Rate it:

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The Kick Under The Table
Edgar Albert Guest
a bad break ere he's Through, She has one little trick that she'll work when She's able- She takes Rate it:

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Friend of Yakshsa
bones to make you brave. You know the whole Ogre trick. Oh, you know what. Maybe I could have decRate it:

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Thoughts of the Who's the Cowboy
zone they faith and now its at its tease trick your mind to missing your teeth Like it hardly existRate it:

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A Lost Chance
James Brunton Stephens
fingers run the swarthy ore! Minus only the poor trick of Art or Science that compelled it To unveiRate it:

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Robinson Jeffers
Joy is a trick in the air; pleasure is merely contemptible, the dangled Carrot the ass follows to market or precipice; But limitary pain -- t...Rate it:

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Eternal Decision
Gregory Cicio
Beware oh you my children there’s a trick that’s being played What I am about to tell you are not words that serenade When finally you’ve heard...Rate it:

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Fable XLII. The Juggler
John Gay
to birds. His little boxes change the grain: Trick after trick deludes the train. He shakes hisRate it:

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Walt Whitman
globe! Features of my equals, would you trick me with your creas'd and cadaverousRate it:

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Frankie's Trade
Rudyard Kipling
him pull and I made him haul-- And stand his trick with the common sailors. (All round the Sands!)Rate it:

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Hudibras: Part 1 - Canto III
Samuel Butler
shew him, in the nick Of all his glories, a dog-trick. This any man may sing or say, I' th' ditty cRate it:

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Just Unite
Nikhil Parekh
amalgamate, Don't kick; just kindle, Don't trick; just take, Don't butter; just believe, Don't Rate it:

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Mon Choual
William Henry Drummond
he's purty smart, An' gain dat toss wit' jockey trick. I don't care me, w'en 'Castor' start, Very sRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Lord 'Igh Muck-a-muck, wot done the trick, An' dug the Murray with 'is little pick. When I think bRate it:

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The Avaricious Wife And Tricking Gallant
La Fontaine
train, Catch one at least, and play some cunning trick:-- For instance, take blithe Gulphar's wily Rate it:

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The Down-Hill Track
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
hill. It's the luggin' an' the tuggin' does the trick, But be careful of the dropp when you've laboRate it:

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The Jubilee Sov'reign
Marriott Edgar
it wouldn't be `is very long. "I`ll show you a trick wi' that sovereign," Said Pa, `oo were `overRate it:

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Wadin' In De Crick
Paul Laurence Dunbar
wrong, I know it Ain't no gent'man's trick; But de aih's a-callin', 'Come on to de crick.' Dah de wRate it:

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rich We pay for the con enemies use to trick Now a bill in years never able to be paid Who is reallRate it:

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An Old Man Muses
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
mighty Hindenburg! Can this be I? Strange trick of Fate ... And yet, sometimes I wonder, While faRate it:

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Alice Duer Miller
here, And so unnatural to me 'tis to learn The trick of life without you, year by year, That not Rate it:

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I Believe But
Ehsan Sehgal
its hunt The most humans follow And adopt that trick too Alas, The humanity is under Such animalityRate it:

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Remembrance Travels With Me
Ehsan Sehgal
penalty As a fate Whenever one Moves and plays a trick I am not sad, Without you; in your absence Rate it:

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