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A man toiled on a burning road
Stephen Crane
A man toiled on a burning road, Never resting. Once he saw a fat, stupid ass Grinning at him from a green place. The man cried out in rage, "A...Rate it:

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Faint and Weary Toiled a Pilgrim
Helen Hunt Jackson
'Faint and weary toiled a pilgrim, Faint and weary of his load; Sudden came a sweet bird winging Glad and swift across his road. ''Blessed songste...Rate it:

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At San Sebastian
Robert William Service
away. "How funny!" thinks the washer-wife; "I've toiled and toiled throughout my life, And only havRate it:

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A Fantasy of War
Henry Lawson
was wide, O God, the world we made is small. We toiled not as our fathers toiled, for Sport was allRate it:

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Auri Sacra Fames
George Essex Evans
that rolled since the world began! Millions have toiled for this with sufferings manifold. This is Rate it:

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Christmas Creek
Henry Kendall
sand of fire is with the spiteful spinifex, Toiled through spheres that no bird knows of, where witRate it:

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Fishermen—Not Of Galilee
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
THEY have toiled all the night, the long weary night, They have toiled all the night, Lord, and taken nothing:-- The heavens are as brass, and al...Rate it:

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On a Spanish Cathedral
Henry Kendall
supreme of the mute, the magnificent past, They toiled till the dome of their dream in the firmamenRate it:

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On Kiley's Run
Andrew Barton Paterson
Run, Till ruin stared him in the face; He toiled and toiled while lived the light, He dreamed ofRate it:

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Perkin Warbeck
Lord Alfred Douglas
son, I was born in a weaver's bed ; My brothers toiled and my sisters spun, And my mother wove for Rate it:

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Son of a Fool
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Gyved and chained in his father's home, He toiled 'neath a conqueror's rule; Bowed to the earth in the land of his birth; The Slave who was Son of ...Rate it:

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Stone Breaking
Duncan Campbell Scott
snow; Breaking stones, In the cold, Germans slow Toiled and toiled; Arrowy sun Glanced and sprang, Rate it:

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The Galley-Slave
Rudyard Kipling
the lover's kiss. Our women and our children toiled beside us in the dark -- They died, we filed tRate it:

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The Guides At Cabul
Sir Henry Newbolt
taken the cannon that wrecked their hold, Twice toiled in vain to drag it back, Thrice they toiled,Rate it:

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The Peasants' Revolt
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
who long ago, For life's bitter sake, Toiled and suffered so, Robbery, insult, blow, Rope and swordRate it:

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Frederick George Scott
Tracked deviously by feet that human-wise Toiled upward, but toiled vainly towards the prizeRate it:

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Red, Red Gold
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
them spin. At early dawn the gossamer spiders toiled, And wove the sunrise in. She took the treasuRate it:

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now soiled land to recede then yield Once toiled land to reseed then yieldRate it:

(5.00 / 2 votes)
The Comrade
Edith Wharton
And when she comes not, or her feet delay, Toiled in low meadows of gray asphodel Under a pale sRate it:

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Edwin Arlington Robinson
the mob that came to see the show, The Master toiled along to Calvary; We gibed him, as he went, Rate it:

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An Exile's Death
Victor Marie Hugo
sacred labour! life and light! Our fathers toiled till, wearied, they Resigned the tools with a smiRate it:

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Introduction To The Song Of Hiawatha
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
he prayed and how be fasted, How he lived, and toiled, and suffered, That the tribes of men might pRate it:

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Z---------'s Dream
Anne Brontë
of my virtues and my crimes, For which I've toiled and striven in vain, -- But, if I fail a thousanRate it:

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Brothers O' Mine
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
o' mine,' Shouted the tippler in riotous tone, 'Toiled thou, and sweated for all that is thine; ButRate it:

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John Cornstalk
Henry Lawson
the South! “By the long, long years my father toiled In the pioneering band; By the hardships of tRate it:

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