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Send Them Home Tenderly
Anonymous Americas
Send them home tenderly, The sleepers at rest, With hands meekly folded On each silent breast; Let them come back to slumber Beneath northern skies...Rate it:

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The Graybacks So Tenderly Clinging
Anonymous Americas
still thousands more abound, The graybacks so tenderly clinging. CHORUS: O! ho! no! no! we never cRate it:

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At sunset
Emily Pauline Johnson
O! I heard a voice from those rich skies Call tenderly my name; It was as if some priestly fingerRate it:

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The Imprisoned Soul
Walt Whitman
AT the last, tenderly, From the walls of the powerful, fortress'd house, From the clasp of the knitted locks--from the keep of the well-closed d...Rate it:

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The Last Invocation
Walt Whitman
At the last, tenderly, From the walls of the powerful fortress'd house, From the clasp of the knitted locks, from the keep of the well-closed do...Rate it:

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John Skelton
Robert Graves
Than John Skelton’s laughter? What sound more tenderly Than his pretty poetry? So where to rankRate it:

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Marthy's younkit
Eugene Field
men took up the little load An' bore it tenderly along the windin', rocky road, To where the coroneRate it:

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Our Hero
Robert William Service
we on his bed. Soft his pale hands touched them, tenderly caressing; Soft into his tired eyes cRate it:

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That Last Invocation
Walt Whitman
AT the last, tenderly, From the walls of the powerful, fortress'd house, From the clasp of the knitted locks--from the keep of the well-c...Rate it:

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The Bridge of Sighs
Thomas Hood
Gone to her death! Take her up tenderly, Lift her with care; Fashion'd so Rate it:

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The Snow At Fredericksburg
Anonymous Americas
pure as the breast of a virgin saint, Drift tenderly, soft and slow. Over the slopes of the sunrisRate it:

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Eugene Field
place-- Lift up and gaze in mute amaze And tenderly a little space, A mighty cry of love made he-Rate it:

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Celia Thaxter
given my soul to be That rose she touched so tenderly! I stood alone, outside the gate, And knew thRate it:

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As I Ebb'd With the Ocean of Life
Walt Whitman
I touch you or gather from you. I mean tenderly by you and all, I gather for myself and fRate it:

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Epithalamion Made At Lincoln's Inn
John Donne
approach doth lie, Like an appointed lamb, when tenderly The priest comes on his knees to embowelRate it:

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Little Words
Dorothy Parker
mercy in the shifting year, No beauty wraps me tenderly about. I turn to little words- so you, my dRate it:

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Saša Milivojev - NEW OATH
Saša Milivojev
when you respire Kisses of mine shall Wake you tenderly Forever, even when we cease to be. Saša MiRate it:

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The Manlet
Lewis Carroll
Miss Muffet was sipping her whey, That so tenderly sat down beside her, And scared her away! 'TheRate it:

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`Oh, if that Rainbow up there!'
Ethel Turner
Spanning the sky past the hill, Slenderly, tenderly fair Shining with colours that thrill, Oh, Rate it:

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Joseph Mark Ippolito
day again wi' she Will by that pass meet tenderly As once kissed I the prince's rose WhRate it:

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A child said, What is the grass?
Walt Whitman
seems to me the beautiful uncut hair of graves. Tenderly will I use you curling grass, It may be yRate it:

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Somewhere...in this irreversible time...
Nobody Nose
is it OK with you if I Hold your hand Tenderly While I talk to you Even though I am with you Just iRate it:

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Little Paul
Louisa May Alcott
Florence could not answer, Though her dim eyes tenderly Watched the wistful face, that ever GazeRate it:

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A Faith On Trial
George Meredith
pack. Arrows we breathe, not air. The memories tenderly bound To us are a drifting crew, Amid grey-Rate it:

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A Night In June
Alfred Austin
sorrow. All of tender that is mine, Should most tenderly be thine. Moonlight! into other skies, I Rate it:

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