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To A Couple Of Students Who Were Teasing Her
Ho Xuan Huong
Where are you going, my dear little greenhorns? Here, I'll teach you how to turn a verse or two Young drones sucking at withered flowers, Little...Rate it:

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Coffee Houses and Anemic Sheets
Sonia Walker
I'm soaring like a glider, riding on air, like teasing the birds on their treetops, climbing hiRate it:

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Mathilde Blind
like cows of bronze, save when they flick the teasing Flies with switch of tail from each quiverinRate it:

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A Lover's Quarrel Among the Fairies
William Butler Yeats
merry blade! -- Hugs and pets and pats yon newt, Teasing every wilful maid. Girl Fairies: Lead theRate it:

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Amy Lowell
And while I laugh My spirit crumbles at their teasing touch. Rate it:

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Among The Timothy
Archibald Lampman
little breezes, blithe as they are blind, Teasing the slender blossoms pass and pass, Soft-footed cRate it:

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At the Foresters
Arthur Symons
in your look (Ambiguous, independent Flo!) As teasing as a half-shut book; It lures me till I long Rate it:

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Broken Song
Rabindranath Tagore
shyly in his finery and jewels, Young friends teasing him and whispering in his ear: Before him, siRate it:

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Christ at Carnival
Muriel Stuart
new Moon, young and thin, Lay like a Columbine Teasing the spent hill, her old Harlequin, She, wRate it:

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Commit This Sin. Again And Again And Again.
Nikhil Parekh
passionate was I. After the inscrutably teasing tresses in your ravishing hair; which inevitably coRate it:

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Conrad in Twilight
John Crowe Ransom
is not uncurved And here's an autumn on him, teasing. Autumn days in our section Are the most uRate it:

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Augusta Davies Webster
play, More wilful wanton than coy butterflies Teasing the flowers with make-believes to kiss, More Rate it:

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Do you remember still the little song
Lesbia Harford
If I but knew the way. The rhyme came back Teasing me till I knew I hated it. I couldn't take thRate it:

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Don't Love Me Like That
Nikhil Parekh
heart; forever and ever and ever. Don't keep teasing me like that; tantalizing me like the twinkliRate it:

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John Crowe Ransom
fear. And every day since then We are mortals teasing for immortal spoils, Desperate women and meRate it:

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Gerard Manley Hopkins
forehead frowning, lips crisp Over finger-teasing task, his twiny boots Fast he opens, last he ofRate it:

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Fairer through Fading—as the Day
Emily Dickinson
ies Her Glow, like a dying Friend— Teasing with glittering Amend— Only to aggravate the Dark ThrougRate it:

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Grasping For Straws
Mario William Vitale
free, joyously Lifted melody To the moon, and teasing a breeze Into cooling the night And driftRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
sea shores; the incomprehensibly tangy waves teasing me every now and again with their unrelenting Rate it:

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Home For Love
John Freeman
in eager doubt, With needless weight of teasing timber Matching his thought-- Such fond superfluouRate it:

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Immortal Wife
Nikhil Parekh
At times a mischievous sister; incessantly teasing me till I fulminated into unrelenting laughterRate it:

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In The Servants' Quarters
Thomas Hardy
were with him in the yard!' 'Nay, nay, you teasing wench, I say! You know you speak mistakenly. CaRate it:

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Infidelity Galore
Nikhil Parekh
contour of her ecstatically flirting shadow; teasing even the most torturously cold-blooded parasitRate it:

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It is not Love it is Madness
Mirza Ghalib
the rituals Even if cruelty be your habit Teasing and cajoling the beloved cannot leave 'Asad' EvenRate it:

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Jane and Eliza
Ann Taylor
fretting and fuming, while sulky or teasing; And therefore in company artfully tried­ Not to break Rate it:

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