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Away! Away! Away! Away!
Henry David Thoreau
Away! away! away! away! Ye have not kept your secret well, I will abide that other day, Those other lands ye tell. Has time no leisure left for...Rate it:

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Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away
John Fletcher
Take, oh take those lips away, That so sweetly were forsworn, And those eyes, the break of day, Lights that do mislead the morn: But my kisses brin...Rate it:

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Sonnet 40: Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all
William Shakespeare
Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all; What hast thou then more than thou hadst before? No love, my love, that thou mayst true love call; ...Rate it:

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Take Care, Take Care
John Freeman
Bind up, bind up your dark bright hair And hide the smouldering sunken fire. Let it be held no more than fair, Nor yourself guess how rare, how rar...Rate it:

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Take Them Away! They'll Drive Me Crazy
Henry Clay Work
Riding in the Park, or down town shopping At the Matinee, or singing in the choir Everywhere a dazzling blaze of beauty Blinds my eyes and sets my ...Rate it:

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Away, Away, Ye Notes Of Woe!
George Gordon Lord Byron
Away, away, ye notes of woe! Be silent, thou once soothing strain, Or I must flee from hence--for, oh! I dare not trust those sounds again. To me t...Rate it:

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Fly Away, Fly Away Over The Sea
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Fly away, fly away over the sea, Sun-loving swallow, for summer is done; Come again, come again, come back to me, Bringing the summer and bringi...Rate it:

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All A Person Could Take Beneath His Grave
Nikhil Parekh
All a person could take beneath his grave; was the perennial love that he'd generated; by compassionately uniting two miserably jilted hearts in th...Rate it:

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Take It Fightin’
Henry Lawson
When you’ve got no chance at all, Take it fightin’. When you’re driven to the wall, Take it fightin’. There are things that we delight in For the ...Rate it:

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Wilt Thou Take Me For Thy Slave?
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Wilt thou take me for thy slave, With my folly and my love? Wilt thou take me for the bondsman of thy pride? Thou who dearer art to me than all the...Rate it:

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Brother, You’ll Take My Hand
Henry Lawson
NOT to the sober and staid, Leading a quiet life, But to men whose paths are laid Ever through storm and strife— Here is a song from me, Sent to th...Rate it:

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Even Before I Could Take Birth
Nikhil Parekh
Even before I could open my lips; he had already decided what was I going to speak; the synchronized order in which I would utter each word, Even...Rate it:

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Take Me Under Your Wing
Hayyim Nahman Bialik
Take me under your wing, be my mother, my sister. Take my head to your breast, my banished prayers to your nest. One merciful twilight hour, hear ...Rate it:

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Tu mettrais l'univers entier dans ta ruelle (You Would Take The Whole World To Bed With You)
Charles Baudelaire
Tu mettrais l'univers entier dans ta ruelle, Femme impure! L'ennui rend ton âme cruelle. Pour exercer tes dents à ce jeu singulier, Il te faut chaq...Rate it:

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Saša Milivojev - TAKE ME
Saša Milivojev
Take me to eternity With the smell of moist hair With the sadness of a spring night Take me I lie on a black moth’s wing Circling round the lampion...Rate it:

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I Will Take An Egg Out Of The Robin's Nest
Walt Whitman
I WILL take an egg out of the robin's nest in the orchard, I will take a branch of gooseberries from the old bush in the garden, and go...Rate it:

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Rap It Up I'll Take It
Mario William Vitale
It's a new thing, makes you wanna swing While us MC's rap, doin' our thing It's not singin' like it used to be No, it'...Rate it:

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‘February. Take ink and weep,’
Boris Pasternak
February. Take ink and weep, write February as you’re sobbing, while black Spring burns deep through the slush and throbbing. Take a cab. For a cl...Rate it:

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Take Back the Virgin Page
Thomas Moore
Written on Returning a Blank Book Take back the virgin page, White and unwritten still; Some hand, more calm and sage, The leaf must fill. Tho...Rate it:

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Take your Heaven further on
Emily Dickinson
Take your Heaven further on— This—to Heaven divine Has gone— Had You earlier blundered in Possibly, e'en You had seen An Eternity—put on— Now—to ri...Rate it:

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Here will I take my rest
Shams al-Din Hafiz
My lady, that did change this house of mine Into a heaven when that she dwelt therein, From head to foot an angel's grace divine Enwrapped her; pur...Rate it:

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I got so I could take his name
Emily Dickinson
I got so I could take his name— Without—Tremendous gain— That Stop-sensation—on my Soul— And Thunder—in the Room— I got so I could walk across Tha...Rate it:

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Lover's Gifts LXX: Take Back Your Coins
Rabindranath Tagore
Take back your coins, King's Councillor. I am of those women you sent to the forest shrine to decoy the young ascetic who had never seen a women. I...Rate it:

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One moment take thy rest
Walter de la Mare
One moment take thy rest. Out of mere nought in space Beauty moved human breast To tell in this far face A dream in noonday seen. Never to fade or ...Rate it:

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Take Heart
Kurt Philip Behm
Make all of your life a prayer put all of your words into song Take heart in those lyrics still to be sung —before the music forever is gone ...Rate it:

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