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Sonnet 40: Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all
William Shakespeare
Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all; What hast thou then more than thou hadst before? No love, my love, that thou mayst true love call; ...Rate it:

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Take Care, Take Care
John Freeman
Bind up, bind up your dark bright hair And hide the smouldering sunken fire. Let it be held no more than fair, Nor yourself guess how rare, how rar...Rate it:

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Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away
John Fletcher
Take, oh take those lips away, That so sweetly were forsworn, And those eyes, the break of day, Lights that do mislead the morn: But my kisses brin...Rate it:

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Give Me Just One Chance O! Omnipotent Almighty Lord
Nikhil Parekh
Give me just one chance O! Omnipotent Almighty Lord; making me the richest of the richest man on this fathomless Universe; give me just one chance ...Rate it:

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Andrew Barton Paterson
As I pondered very weary o'er a volume long and dreary -- For the plot was void of interest; 'twas the Postal Guide, in fact -- There I learnt th...Rate it:

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La chance
Emile Verhaeren
En tes rêves, en tes pensées, En ta main souple, en ton bras fort, En chaque élan tenace où s'exerce ton corps La chance active est ramassée. D...Rate it:

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Taking His Chance
Henry Lawson
They stood by the door of the Inn on the Rise; May Carney looked up in the bushranger's eyes: `Oh! why did you come? -- it was mad of you, Jack;...Rate it:

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Second Chance
R. William Standish
Second Chance I do not fear the destination it is the journey that creates the image unclear steps beyond our control are the reasons for fear r...Rate it:

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The chance
Atef Al-gendi
The chance By :Atef Al-gendi (To a Christian friend) Translated by : Hassan hegazy Hassan //// My friend, Calm down, This matter needs a spaciou...Rate it:

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Helen Hunt Jackson
These things wondering I saw beneath the sun: That never yet the race was to the swift, The fight unto the mightiest to lift, Nor favors unto me...Rate it:

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Dolores Lyons
learn from the words It's an experience We take a Chance It's part of Life The Outcome-is ours! ToRate it:

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Anticipation (Second Chance)
Lamont Bennerman
Anticipation is not a friend of mine. Got me all excited, expecting things to turn out fine. It's like pushing Water up a Waterfall and expecting...Rate it:

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Taking a Chance
You have to roll a six, With four dices on the board. The odds are not in your favor, Playing a big game of chance. Critics are saying it’s...Rate it:

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A Lost Chance
James Brunton Stephens
[It is stated that a shepherd, who had for many years grazed his flocks in a district in which a rich tin-mining town in Queensland now stands, wen...Rate it:

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Another Chance
Kurt Philip Behm
I like hitchhiking because it’s clean… Its ending not restrained by false beginnings The future more indentured than the past With freedom wrapped ...Rate it:

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Dance Upon Every Chance.
Nikhil Parekh
Whether it be as inconspicuous as an invisibly dissolute ant; or whether it be as towering as the highest apogee of the invincibly towering mountai...Rate it:

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If By Chance Your Eye Offend You
Alfred Edward Housman
If by chance your eye offend you, Pluck it out, lad, and be sound: 'Twill hurt, but here are salves to friend you, And many a balsam grows on gr...Rate it:

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If I Should Ever By Chance
Edward Thomas
IF I should ever by chance grow rich I'll buy Codham, Cockridden, and Childerditch, Roses, Pyrgo, and Lapwater, And let them all to my eldest da...Rate it:

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Last Chance
Kurt Philip Behm
Dead to himself, he stepped on the ice Cracks beginning to form Transcendence rejected, skating a path In search of time forlorn Crossing each ...Rate it:

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Last Second Chance
Kurt Philip Behm
Can you rise above yourself to live and speak the truth Can your parts reform and shun a past you now uproot Can you become that special some...Rate it:

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Never Had A Chance
Hattie Howard
Fresh from piano, school, and books, A happy girl with rosy looks Young Plowman wooed and won; despite Her pretty, pouting prejudice, Her deep dist...Rate it:

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No Chance For Time To Speak
Nikhil Parekh
We hardly had the time; to know each other's name; the fraternity of religion that the tyrannically conventional society had maliciously placed us ...Rate it:

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Not probable—The barest Chance
Emily Dickinson
Not probable—The barest Chance— A smile too few—a word too much And far from Heaven as the Rest— The Soul so close on Paradise— What if the Bird f...Rate it:

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The Great Chance
Katharine Tynan
NOW strikes the hour upon the clock The black sheep may rebuild the years May lift the father's pride he broke And wipe away his mother's tears. T...Rate it:

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Chance Meetings
Conrad Potter Aiken
In the mazes of loitering people, the watchful and furtive, The shadows of tree-trunks and shadows of leaves, In the drowse of the sunlight, among ...Rate it:

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