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The Scorcher and the Howling Swell
Andrew Barton Paterson
The Scorcher and the Howling Swell were riding through the land; They wept like anything to see the hills on every hand; "If these were only leve...Rate it:

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The New-Chum Swell
Charles Thatcher
then we went upon the roads As many a young swell must: And if through the Black Forest You ever chRate it:

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The Ballad of Mabel Clare
Henry Lawson
with scorn, And often cursed her dad. She hated swells and shining lights, For she had seen a few, Rate it:

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The Spectral Horseman
Percy Bysshe Shelley
seven years' end, That voice is mixed with the swell of the storm, And aye at the close of seven yeRate it:

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Jean Ingelow
wider; 'Cross to me now—for her wavelets swell:' 'I may not cross'—and the voice beside her Rate it:

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Helen Maria Williams
wail of hopeless sorrow pierc'd his ear, And swell'd at distance on the sounding shore. The mourneRate it:

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Henry Lawson
that was used to go saloon; There's a broken swell among us -- he is barracked, he is chaffed, AnRate it:

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Frederick and Alice
Sir Walter Scott
the seventh sad night descends: Rivers swell, and rain-streams pour; While the deafening thunder leRate it:

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Ode on St. Cecilia's Day
Alexander Pope
sounds the skies; Exulting in triumph now swell the bold notes, In broken air, trembling, the wilRate it:

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Sea Song of the Exiles
Victor Marie Hugo
Dear land, farewell! Waves surge and swell. Dear land, farewell, -- Blue sky! Farewell, white cot whence the ripe grapes fall, Gold blooms that b...Rate it:

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The Creeds Of The Bells
Anonymous Americas
of the golden chime. My happy heart with rapture swells Responsive to the bells, sweet bells. 'Ye pRate it:

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Henry Lawson
that was used to go saloon; There's a broken swell among us -- he is barracked, he is chaffed, AnRate it:

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Vision Of Columbus - Book 9
Joel Barlow
impel, Till meeting waves their winding currents swell; Then widening sweep thro' each descending pRate it:

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The Ocean
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
'neath thy angry eyebrows; Thou only fillest my swelling mainsail, Though Death ride fast on thy hoRate it:

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Ocean: An Ode. Concluding with A wish.*
Edward Young
wonders dwell! Where terrors swell! And Neptune thunders from his car? IV Rate it:

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A Psalm Of Resignation
Joseph Furphy
— Required by those who Miss the 'Bus. Some swell-coves, narrow'd by their luck, In Evolution'sRate it:

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A Storm in the Mountains
Charles Harpur
day; For round each crag, and o’er each bosky swell, The fierce refracted heat flares visible, LRate it:

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A Thousand Miles Away
Andrew Barton Paterson
in three weeks the cattle get as fat as they can swell As fat as they can swell, my boys; a thousanRate it:

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A Year’s Windfalls
Christina Georgina Rossetti
rain, Nipping, dripping, chill. Then the thaws swell the streams, And swollen rivers swell the sea:Rate it:

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At Vaucluse
Alfred Austin
well From source none ne'er can sound, and swell From springs that run not dry. Or was it he mightRate it:

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Bright and Beautiful Sea
Edward Henry Bickersteth
On thy bosom I'll ride, when the salt waves swell 'Neath the light of the moon's pale ray. StillRate it:

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Collective Tapestry 5
Mariop William Vitale
leaves out onto it's ploy look deep inside your swell a taste of joy, cleave to the honor of eaRate it:

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Dedication - The Poems Of Goeth
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
with light; For in my blood glad aspirations swell, The value of thy gifts I know aright! Those trRate it:

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Percy Bysshe Shelley
it stills the tide of agony. Now--now it loftier swells--again stern woe Arises with the awakeningRate it:

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Elegy On The Death Of A Young Man
Friedrich Schiller
my brother!-- Up! each man the sad procession swell! Do ye boast, ye pines, so gray and old, StoRate it:

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