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Harry Crosby
Persians and to Surya of the Hindus, or to the survivor with the request that they establish therewRate it:

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A Dorset Idyl
Francis Turner Palgrave
her rosy red. One light cicada's simmering cry, Survivor of the summer heat, Chimes faint; the robRate it:

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Lindsay Mancano
devil." I'm a lover and a fighter a true survivor, and baby you'll never reach my love. HigRate it:

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Maternal Grief
William Wordsworth
desolate; for oft-times from the sound Of the survivor's sweetest voice (dear child, He knew it notRate it:

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Memorials On The Slain At Chickamauga
Herman Melville
view. The will, that never can relent - The aim, survivor of the bafflement, Make this memorial dueRate it:

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Thomas Hood
sound of melancholy bells— The voice of Time—survivor of them all! Rate it:

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On Hearing that Constantinople Was Swallowed Up by an Earthquake
Amelia Opie
the yawning chasm!...."Where are now," The sad survivor cries, "my peaceful home, The sacred mosqueRate it:

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Simon Lee: The Old Huntsman
William Wordsworth
dogs, and horses, all are dead; He is the sole survivor. And he is lean and he is sick; His Rate it:

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So Live, So Love, So Use That Fragile Hour
Robert Louis Stevenson
one from other, wife or husband, take, The poor survivor may not weep and wake. Rate it:

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The Fate of the Explorers (A Fragment)
Henry Kendall
and wearied with his journey, there the lone survivor stooped, And the disappointment bowed him andRate it:

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The Moon I Possessed
Nikhil Parekh
down on my toes; stood prominently as the lone survivor amidst infinite contestants of beauty. TheRate it:

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The Turtle And Sparrow. An Elegiac Tale
Matthew Prior
the pleasing game is done: Ill is the poor survivor sped, A corpse feels mighty cold in bed, VenusRate it:

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Thyrsis a Monody
Matthew Arnold
shepherds lost a mate, Some good survivor with his flute would go, Piping a dittyRate it:

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Views of Life
Anne Brontë
agony, Ere she may sink to her repose, The sad survivor cannot see The grave above his darling closRate it:

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What's Yet To Be
Kurt Phiip Behm
custodian of life… guardian of the coming dawn Survivor of the truth untold, —protector of what’sRate it:

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Written On The Day Of My Aunt's Funeral
Charles Lamb
parent yet is left-a wretched thing, A sad survivor of his buried wife, A palsy-smitten, childish, Rate it:

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Yardley Oak
William Cowper
Survivor sole, and hardly such, of all That once lived here, thy brethren, at my birth, (Since which I number threescore winters past,) A shattered...Rate it:

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Your Last Vow
Kurt Philip Behm
does feeling have a name Is love the sole survivor that calls beyond the grave Do excuses haveRate it:

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