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Love's Substitute
Bernard O'Dowd
This love, that dares not warm before its flame Our yearning hands, or from its tempting tree Yield fruit we may consume, or let us claim ...Rate it:

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Substitute For An Epitaph
George Gordon Lord Byron
Kind Reader! take your choice to cry or laugh; Here HAROLD lies, but where's his Epitaph? If such you seek, try Westminster, and view Ten thousand ...Rate it:

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The Old Bark Hut
Andrew Barton Paterson
and your meat is black with soot That's a substitute for pepper in an old bark hut. In an old bark Rate it:

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A Big No
Nikhil Parekh
price on earth that you could ever dream of; to substitute the death of your royally blessed beloveRate it:

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A Letter Written From London To Mrs. Strangeways Hornet
Mary Barber
we cannot let her go; Still let her be thy Substitute below, To raise the sinking Heart, to heal DiRate it:

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A Word To The Unwise
Ambrose Bierce
lift his thieving hand, Efface your name and substitute his own. Whose then would be the monument?Rate it:

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An Evening Walk, Addressed to a Young Lady
William Wordsworth
sought not then, in cherished sadness, A cloudy substitute for failing gladness, In youth's keen Rate it:

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David Bates
must not tear the charm away, But substitute another. Thus it is pleasant to be led, If heRate it:

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Fountain of Never-Ceasing Grace
Augustus Montague Toplady
might wear. Imputatively guilty then Our substitute was made, That we the blessings might obtain FRate it:

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Get Work
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
with the trophies of the chase, Or the neolithic substitute for beer: For the chief said: 'He's a wRate it:

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Eugene Field
that homely phrase No other words express-- No substitute therefor conveys Such unobtrusive stress.Rate it:

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In a Township of Asia Minor
Constantine P. Cavafy
that disaster, that parody of a Caesar," we'll substitute: "Having freed the Romans from Antony, thRate it:

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Lines Inscribed Upon A Cup Formed From A Skull
George Gordon Lord Byron
when, alas! our brains are gone, What nobler substitute than wine? Quaff while thou canst; anothRate it:

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Only a Woman
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
raised me to his heart's dear throne -- Poor substitute -- because his queen was gone! O, had he Rate it:

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Edith Wharton
me for a space upon thy breast Death’s shadowy substitute for rapture—rest; Then join again the joyRate it:

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Robert Frost
from the forbidden fruit For brains there is no substitute. 'Unless it's sweetbreads, ' you suggestRate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
dreams To tear down Maybe and establish IS: And substitute I Know for I Believe. I follow closely wRate it:

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The Flowers
Rudyard Kipling
the dog's-tooth violet is but an ill substitute for the rathe primrose, nor can we ever beRate it:

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The Future—never spoke
Emily Dickinson
the Act— Forestalling Preparation— Escape—or Substitute— Indifference to Him— The Dower—as the DooRate it:

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The Headless Trooper
James Brunton Stephens
can't be too precise. The loathsome whirling substitute Buzzed in the vacant space, And a thousandRate it:

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The Nevers of Poetry
Charles Harpur
all reason may at any time Find a sufficient substitute in rhyme; Or that because with many wordsRate it:

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The Squatter's Baccy Famine
James Brunton Stephens
sweetest root that ever grew. No honey were due substitute For “Our Superior Honey-Dew.” One littleRate it:

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The Third Monarchy, being the Grecian, beginning under Alexander the Great in the 112. Olympiad.
Anne Bradstreet
stay, Yet set one in his room, and ran away; His substitute as fearfull as his master, Runs after tRate it:

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The Vain Question
Ada Cambridge
where, O where, in bitter time of need, Shall substitute be sought? Wherefore this anguish of desiRate it:

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The Walk
Mario William Vitale
my walk, Darling dear bounded beside- hardly a substitute for you I missed your strong arm. Damn myRate it:

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