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One Hundred and Three
Henry Lawson
gilded weathercock on the church, agape like a strangled bird. Agape like a strangled bird in theRate it:

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You should have died in birth, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
Stella Nyanzi
overgrown all over Esiteri’s unwashed chuchu had strangled you at birth. Strangled you just like tRate it:

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Saša Milivojev
blinded you When they raped your daughter Strangled ‘er with the wire They abducted your brothers TRate it:

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Anita J Hamrick
Striped You stripped my mind, Strangled my thoughts, Burglarized my heart, And raped my soul, So now how's that make you feel, to be a prison...Rate it:

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A Dream
James Whitcomb Riley
flies were tangled And their buzzing wings were strangled In the middle of their hymns. And I mockRate it:

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A Fable
William Cowper
earthquake may be bid to spare The man that’s strangled by a hair. Fate steals along with silent trRate it:

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A Song of Brave Men
Henry Lawson
by the Cape, Throttled by army contractors, and strangled bv old red-tape. Fighting for "Home" anRate it:

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An Autumn Mood
Sydney Thompson Dobell
below the slopes and scarps, where the strangled rill Blackens to rot, Let the unrest of the troublRate it:

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Archduchess Anne
George Meredith
hand enclosed a paper scroll, Held as a strangled asp. So may we see the woman's soul In her dire tRate it:

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Aunt Imogen
Edwin Arlington Robinson
of sex, had reached her first; And while she strangled her, approvingly, Sylvester thumped his drRate it:

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Bar Magnet
Nikhil Parekh
with the monstrous iron magnet tightly strangled in my palm. the events that unfolded were a feasRate it:

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Clinging To My Beloved
Nikhil Parekh
blissfully change the complexion of commercially strangled human kind.Rate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
galloping fear, Sick for escape,—loathing the strangled horror And butchered, frantic gestures ofRate it:

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De Rerum Virtute
Robinson Jeffers
hounds, And will have him at last? He will be strangled Among his dead satellites, remembering maRate it:

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Dr. sam
Eugene Field
skill Of Hoodoo-Doctor Sam; Feathers of strangled chickens, Moss from the dank lagoon, Rate it:

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Elixer Vitæ
Ambrose Bierce
beard entangled, Fell into its abysses and were strangled. At last a generation came that walked MRate it:

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Henry Kendall
with its surpassing passion—caught and strangled in thy throat! We have nought to help thy trouble—Rate it:

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Evil Corpse In Post Mortem Habitation
Mario William Vitale
peril the vortex shimmers at the call of nature strangled by fragments of false decorum we left a sRate it:

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For Ever
Henry Kendall
with her stare; And Faith hath been twisted and strangled With folds of her luminous hair! “Was itRate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
a fanciful glow. In her hand is the rope That strangled her life out. Hope was slain long ago. ButRate it:

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Hamlet Micure
Edgar Lee Masters
was the sea. I was in the room where little Paul Strangled from diphtheria, But yet it was not thisRate it:

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Happy Dust
Aleister Crowley
have stripped every garment from space; I have strangled the secre of Time, All being is fled from Rate it:

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Arthur Symons
demon seemed to leap through space; His gesture strangled me with fear. And yet I am the lord of aRate it:

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How Grey The World Was
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
floor with things slain in the sun! 'Twas here I strangled love, a year ago, And hid it 'neath thesRate it:

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Human Life’s Mystery
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
heavy swound We grope for them!—with strangled breath We stretch our hands abroad and tRate it:

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