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A Political Violet
Ambrose Bierce
as Senator. That's queer! Have you told William Stow? Once when the Legislature said: 'Go, StanforRate it:

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The Gates Ajar
Ambrose Bierce
sun, From taint and blemish free Great William Stow was there for one, And George A. Knight for thrRate it:

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Exodus Parthenidae
Adam Lindsay Gordon
preacher ; 'All grass is ours,' quoth Randolph Stow ; Is the man related to Harriet Beecher ? With Rate it:

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A 'Mass' Meeting
Ambrose Bierce
priest, white-robed and tall (Assistant, Father Stow)- He was the pious man men call Dan Burns of MRate it:

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Abundant Harvest
James McIntyre
abundant yield will bring. And you can scarcely stow away. The yield of barley, oats and hay ; SucRate it:

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Agricultural, Implements and Machinery
James McIntyre
binder, they combine. Machines now load and stow away Both the barley and the hay, And the farmersRate it:

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Cholera Camp
Rudyard Kipling
Fold in the flies, furl up the ropes, an' stow! Oh, strike -- oh, strike your camp an' go!Rate it:

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Constable M‘Carty’s Investigations
Henry Lawson
lodger did a mighty lot of smoking, And could ‘stow away a long ’un,’ never winking, so he could ; Rate it:

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Hermann And Dorothea - II. Terpsichore
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
drink too; And I have got quite a stock stow'd away in the boot of the carriage. Well, I have takenRate it:

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Lines on Mr. Hodgson Written on Board the Lisbon Packet
George Gordon Lord Byron
't is hardly three feet square; Not enough to stow Queen Mab in-- Who the deuce can harbourRate it:

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Lucasta At The Bath.
Richard Lovelace
blow, 'Till in their holds your eyes you stow; And swell your cheeks, bequeath chill death; See! shRate it:

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My Future
Robert William Service
gathering wool." Said Mother with temper: "Oh stow it! You know it, a poet's a fool." Said FartherRate it:

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Part III: Credat Judaeus Apella
Adam Lindsay Gordon
when he faced the big novice, Bill Bainge. Like Stow, at our hustings, confronting the hisses Of roRate it:

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Satyr IV. The Pretty Gentleman
Thomas Parnell
Where Creditors their bankrupt debtors stow Where men for want of coin to durance go & are for being wretched made more so Where poor W---G---could...Rate it:

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So much Summer
Emily Dickinson
showing Illegitimate— Would a Smile's minute bestowing Too exorbitant To the Lady With the Guinea Rate it:

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Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 2. The Musician's Tale; The Ballad of Carmilhan - I.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
them hoist and reef the sails, He helped them stow the casks and bales, And heave the anchor in. BRate it:

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The Boat On The Serchio
Percy Bysshe Shelley
heave the ballast overboard, And stow the eatables in the aft locker.’ ‘Would not this keg be best Rate it:

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The Enthusiast, or the Lover of Nature
Joseph Warton
Lake, Or Vista lessening to the Sight; can Stow With all her Attic Fanes, such Raptures raise, As tRate it:

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The Haglets
Herman Melville
from land, Some shivered sails and spars they stow; One watch, dismissed, they troll the can, WhileRate it:

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The Rescue
Edward George Dyson
them, and the toil-stricken men stagger back. ‘Stow the stuff, mates, wherever there’s stowage! RunRate it:

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The Song my Paddle Sings
Emily Pauline Johnson
have wooed you so, But never a favour you bestow. You rock your cradle the hills between, But scornRate it:

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The Whitest Man I Know
John Milton Hayes
until at last I manag’d his escape. Then I stow’d him on a hooker sailin’ far from woman’s wiles,Rate it:

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Tristesses de la lune (Sorrows Of The Moon)
Charles Baudelaire
spun With rainbow lights, deep in his heart to stow it Far from the staring eyeballs of the Sun. Rate it:

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Yet Dish
Gertrude Stein
Cousin coarse in sew up soap. II A lea ender stow sole lightly. Not a bet beggar. Nearer a truRate it:

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