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Pigeon Toes
Henry Lawson
A dusty clearing in the scrubs Of barren, western lands— Where, out of sight, or sign of hope The wretched school-house stands; A roof that glares ...Rate it:

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The behavior of the pigeon
Yosa Buson
The behavior of the pigeon is beyond reproach, but the mountain cuckoo? Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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'The Wonga Pigeon'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Men knew and loved my calling in old days Days ere a bitter wisdom taught me fear. Trusting and unafraid, I went my ways By many a crude hut of th...Rate it:

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Pigeon Post
Katharine Lee Bates
White wing, white wing, Lily of the air, What word dost bring, On whose errand fare? Red word, red word, Snowy plumes abhor. I, Christ's own ...Rate it:

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The Bronze-Wing Pigeon
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
They say I am a shy, wild thing, That seeks the wild bush glade. Quick to be gone on whirring wing, Where stangers would invade; But well I know wh...Rate it:

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The Pigeon Shooting
Robert William Service
They say that Monte Carlo is A sunny place for shady people; But I'm not in the gambling biz, And sober as a parish steeple. so though this paradis...Rate it:

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The Dilettante And The Critic
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
A BOY a pigeon once possess'd, In gay and brilliant plumage dress'd; He loved it well, and in boyish sport Its food to take from his mouth he taugh...Rate it:

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From Four Saints in Three Acts
Gertrude Stein
Pigeons on the grass alas. Pigeons on the grass alas. Short longer grass short longer longer shorter yellow grass. Pigeons large pigeons on the sho...Rate it:

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Japanese lullaby
Eugene Field
Sleep, little pigeon, and fold your wings,-- Little blue pigeon with velvet eyes; Sleep to the singing of mother-bird swinging-- Swinging the nes...Rate it:

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The Pedlar
Edith Nesbit
FLY, fly, my pretty pigeon, fly! And see if you can find him; He has blue eyes--you'll know him by,-- He wears a pack behind him. He's gone awa...Rate it:

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The Pigeons Of St. Marks
Robert William Service
Something's wrong in Pigeon-land; 'Tisn't as it used to be, When the pilgrim, corn in hand, Courted us with laughing glee; When we crooned with pin...Rate it:

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Army Headquarters
Rudyard Kipling
Old is the song that I sing -- Old as my unpaid bills -- Old as the chicken that kitmutgars bring Men at dak-bungalows -- old as the Hills. Ahas...Rate it:

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Stephen Vincent Benet
My friend went to the piano; spun the stool A little higher; left his pipe to cool; Picked up a fat green volume from the chest; And propped it ...Rate it:

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The Auction Sale
Robert William Service
Her little head just topped the window-sill; She even mounted on a stool, maybe; She pressed against the pane, as children will, And watched us pla...Rate it:

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The Shepherd's Week : Wednesday; or, The Dumps
John Gay
Sparabella. The wailings of a maiden I recite, A maiden fair, that Sparabella hight. Such strains ne'er warble in the linnet's throat, Nor the gay ...Rate it:

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We are Transmitters
David Herbert Lawrence
As we live, we are transmitters of life. And when we fail to transmit life, life fails to flow through us. That is part of the mystery of sex, it ...Rate it:

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Audley Court
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Audley Court ‘The Bull, the Fleece are cramm’d, and not a room For love or money. Let us picnic there At Audley Court.’ I spoke, while Audley fe...Rate it:

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The Broken Wing
Liam Ó Comain
~~~ A racing pigeon of distance ability, His colour known as grizzle, that is White feathers spotted with other spots Of colour. A likeable and int...Rate it:

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Ayin Nedivah ('Generous Eye'): Qasida for Solomon Ibn Ghiyyat
Yehudah HaLevi
I can’t stop crying. My eyes are like peddler women. What they buy is: you are gone. What they sell is: tears, And business is good: Enough tears f...Rate it:

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The Barcelona Thoroughbred
Liam Ó Comain
A racing pigeon Arrived in Ireland in A race from Barcelona In Spain. Affected by the Weather it arrived home On the third morning. A thoroughbred...Rate it:

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Wings In The Night
Katharine Tynan
Now in the soft spring midnight There's rush of wings and whirr, Birds flying softly, swiftly; The night's a-flutter, a-stir. Home by the bitter s...Rate it:

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Every Thing
Harold Monro
Since man has been articulate, Mechanical, improvidently wise, (Servant of Fate), He has not understood the little cries And foreign conversati...Rate it:

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Of the Mean and Sure Estate
Sir Thomas Wyatt
My mother's maids, when they did sew and spin, They sang sometime a song of the field mouse, That, for because her livelood was but thin, ...Rate it:

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A Disconcerted Concert
John Bannister Tabb
Bull father frog Was on the log, While many a little fellow Around the pool Upon his stool Sat learning how to bellow. A turtle near, Whom all did...Rate it:

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A Prayer On Going Into My House
William Butler Yeats
GOD grant a blessing on this tower and cottage And on my heirs, if all remain unspoiled, No table or chair or stool not simple enough For shepherd ...Rate it:

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