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The Tale Of Steven
Edward George Dyson
’TIS the tale of Simon Steven, braceman at the Odd-and-Even, At The Nations, in the gully. They were sinking in the rock. Sim was small and wiry ra...Rate it:

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Wat Tyler - Act I
Robert Southey
ACT I. SCENE, A BLACKSMITH'S-SHOP Wat Tyler at work within. A May-pole before the Door. ALICE, PIERS, &c. SONG. CHEERFUL on this holiday...Rate it:

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Wat Tyler - Act II
Robert Southey
ACT II. SCENE— BLACKHEATH. TYLER, HOB, &c. SONG. ' When Adam delv'd, and Eve span, ' Who was then the gentleman?' Wretched is the infant...Rate it:

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Wat Tyler - Act III
Robert Southey
ACT III. SCENE—SMITHFIELD. PIERS (meeting JOHN BALL.) You look disturb'd, my father? JOHN BALL. Piers, I am so. Jack Straw has forced th...Rate it:

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Epistle to Mrs. Tyler
Christopher Smart
It ever was allow'd, dear Madam, Ev'n from the days of father Adam, Of all perfection flesh is heir to, Fair patience is the gentlest virtue; T...Rate it:

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Grif, of the Bloody Hand
William Topaz McGonagall
In an immense wood in the south of Kent, There lived a band of robbers which caused the people discontent; And the place they infested was called t...Rate it:

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Dream World Pt I
Mario William Vitale
last night I had a reacurring dream of a man injecting a needle in his arm while holding a baby there was cobwebs and darkened portals illuminate...Rate it:

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King Ryence's Challenge
Thomas Percy
As it fell out on a Pentecost day, King Arthur at Camelot kept his court royall, With his faire queene dame Guenever the gay, And many bold barons ...Rate it:

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The Cook's Tale
Geoffrey Chaucer
THE Cook of London, while the Reeve thus spake, For joy he laugh'd and clapp'd him on the back: 'Aha!' quoth he, 'for Christes passion, This Miller...Rate it:

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An Ode In Time of Inauguration
Franklin P. Adams
(March 4, 1913) Thine aid, O Muse, I consciously beseech; I crave thy succour, ask for thine assistance That men may cry: "Some little ode! A pe...Rate it:

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Dora Williams
Edgar Lee Masters
When Reuben Pantier ran away and threw me I went to Springfield. There I met a lush, Whose father just deceased left him a fortune. He married me w...Rate it:

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On The Death Of Dr. Samuel Marshall
Phillis Wheatley
THROUGH thickest glooms look back, immortal shade, On that confusion which thy death has made: Or from Olympus' height look down, and see A Town ...Rate it:

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The Peasants' Revolt
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
THRO' the mists of years, Thro' the lies of men, Your bloody sweat and tears, Your desperate hopes and fears Reach us once again, Brothers, who lon...Rate it:

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The Sensation Captain
William Schwenck Gilbert
No nobler captain ever trod Than CAPTAIN PARKLEBURY TODD, So good - so wise - so brave, he! But still, as all his friends would own, He had one fol...Rate it:

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To The Fool-Killer
Ambrose Bierce
Ah, welcome, welcome! Sit you down, old friend; Your pipe I'll serve, your bottle I'll attend. 'Tis many a year since you and I have known Society ...Rate it:

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