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Immortally Splashed
Nikhil Parekh
eyes irrefutably loved it; when joyously splashed with unfathomable cisterns of overwhelmingly poigRate it:

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Ezra Pound
Muses with delectable knee-joints, When we splashed and were splashed with The lucid Castalian spraRate it:

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Frank Wilmot
visions and gallant men Swung into our sun-splashed harbours Bringing their woes with them, Their wRate it:

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The White Squall
William Makepeace Thackeray
shivered, As the plunging waters met them, And splashed and overset them; And they call in their emRate it:

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Nicholas Alahverdian
the sea is noisy and wavy. my boat bobs as i am splashed with seaweed. the lofty lighthouse illuminates the land that lies eastward. rocky horizons...Rate it:

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Beauty of Art
Maria Khan
smudged on your hands Or even when paint is splashed on art paper that race and sprint down the pagRate it:

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Hurts The Most
wall,  Just to see if your blood will soon be splashed on it to paint a flower  What hurts the mostRate it:

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The Story of Mongrel Grey
Andrew Barton Paterson
at once, or drown. Off to the stable I splashed, and found The horses shaking with cold and frigRate it:

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In A Castle
Amy Lowell
complaisant, my friend, I wager.' The end was a splashed flourish of ink. Hark! In the passage is Rate it:

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Lesbia Harford
fine brown sand Of the creek bottom, shuddered, splashed and knelt Too cold to stand. Happy and Rate it:

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Alexander VI Dines with the Cardinal of Capua
Stephen Vincent Benet
in the eyes! And how deep, lustrous greens are splashed and spilt Along the back, that like a seaRate it:

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As Long As She Was Sitting Beside Me
Nikhil Parekh
matter even if I had no soap to bathe my skin; splashed water on my skin swimming with the fish insRate it:

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At Home
Valery Yaklovich Bryusov
like eyes in the sun, As if everything were splashed with silver... My staff awaits me at the door!Rate it:

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Beechwoods at Knole
Victoria Sackville-West
treasure with the squirrels. I was a child, and splashed my way in laughter Through drifts of leaRate it:

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Clear, With Light, Variable Winds
Amy Lowell
curve Of a thigh? The fountain gurgled and splashed, And the man's face was wet. Is it singing thaRate it:

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Colonus' Praise
William Butler Yeats
that when all mankind But trod the road, or splashed about the shore, Poseidon gave it bit and oar,Rate it:

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Cousin Rufus' Story
James Whitcomb Riley
afternoon.-- Yet, bravely, as his comrades splashed and swam And spluttered, in their weltering merRate it:

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Demon And Beast
William Butler Yeats
the air; Now gyring down and perning there He splashed where an absurd Portly green-pated bird ShooRate it:

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Echoes Of Spring
Mathilde Blind
WALK about in driving snow, And drizzling rain, splashed o'er and o'er; No sign that radiant springRate it:

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Eddi's Service
Rudyard Kipling
storm beat on at the windows, The water splashed on the floor, And a wet, yoke-weary bullock PushedRate it:

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Fantastic Beginning
Nikhil Parekh
through the rhapsodically romantic hills; splashed your divinely countenance in water; freshly tumbRate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
furrows reeked, Where blood sank in; The circus splashed and seethed and shrieked All round FaustinRate it:

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From Perugia
John Greenleaf Whittier
hired stabbers, the bloodstains yet fresh, That splashed like red wine from the vintage of flesh; GRate it:

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Gretna Green
Edith Nesbit
there. What a flight, what a night! The hoofs splashed and pounded. Dark fainted in light And the Rate it:

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I Longed For Those Moments
Nikhil Parekh
I dug uninhibitedly through rain kissed soil; splashed a slurry of ecstatic mud all around in ebullRate it:

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