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The Spirits of Our Fathers
Henry Lawson
THE SPIRITS of our fathers rise not from every wave, They left the sea behind them long ago; It was many years of “slogging,” where strong men must...Rate it:

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Robert Seymour Bridges
Angel spirits of sleep, White-robed, with silver hair, In your meadows fair, Where the willows weep, And the sad moonbeam On the gliding strea...Rate it:

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Chorus of Eden Spirits
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
HEARKEN, oh hearken! let your souls behind you Turn, gently moved! Our voices feel along the Dread to find you, O lost, beloved! Through ...Rate it:

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From Faust - IV. Chorus Of Spirits
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
VANISH, dark clouds on high, Offspring of night! Let a more radiant beam Through the blue ether gleam, Charming the sight! Would the dark clouds ...Rate it:

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At Your Spirits Behest
Kurt Philip Behm
Do you demand my lies, instead of the truth Do you hem and sigh, or stammer uncouth Does the word unfiltered, get trapped in your brain Do...Rate it:

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Draining Our Spirits
Kurt Philip Behm
Like an open wound That won’t heal The current political situation Bleeds out… A hemorrhaged polarization Inside a malignancy of lies Draining our ...Rate it:

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Oh! Think Not My Spirits Are Always As Light
Thomas Moore
Oh! think not my spirits are always as light, And as free from a pang as they seem to you now, Nor expect that the heart-beaming smile of to-nigh...Rate it:

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Spirits Of The Dead
Edgar Allan Poe
Thy soul shall find itself alone 'Mid dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone; Not one, of all the crowd, to pry Into thine hour of ...Rate it:

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To-- Oh! there are spirits of the air
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Dakrysi Dioisw Potmon Apotmon Oh! there are spirits of the air, And genii of the evening breeze, And gentle ghosts, with eyes as fair As star-beam...Rate it:

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Ye Spirits Of The Free
Anonymous Americas
Ye spirits of the free, Can ye forever see Your brother man A yoked and scourged slave Chains dragging to his grave, And raise no hand to save? Say...Rate it:

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The Spirits for Good
Henry Lawson
We come with peace and reason, We come with love and light, To banish black self-treason And everlasting night. We know no god nor devil, We neith...Rate it:

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The Two Spirits: An Allegory
Percy Bysshe Shelley
FIRST SPIRIT O thou, who plum'd with strong desire Wouldst float above the earth, beware! A Shadow tracks thy flight of fire-- ...Rate it:

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In a Wine Cellar
Victor James Daley
SEE how it flashes, This grape-blood fine!— Our beards it splashes, O comrade mine!— Life dust and ashes Were, wanting wine. Amontillado ...Rate it:

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The Spilling Of The Wine
Lola Ridge
The soldiers lie upon the snow, That no longer gyrates under the spinning lights Night juggles in her fat black hands. They will not babble any mor...Rate it:

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Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine
Hilaire Belloc
To exalt, enthrone, establish and defend, To welcome home mankind's mysterious friend Wine, true begetter of all arts that be; Wine, privilege of t...Rate it:

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A Glass Of Wine
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
'What's in a glass of wine?' There, set the glass where I can look within. Now listen to me, friend, while I begin And tell you what I see- What I ...Rate it:

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Catawba Wine. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The First)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
This song of mine Is a Song of the Vine, To be sung by the glowing embers Of wayside inns, When the rain begins To darken the drear Novembers. It...Rate it:

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Bring Wine
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
216 Bring wine, for I am suffering crop sickness from the vintage; God has seized me, and I am thus held fast. By love’s soul, bring me a cup o...Rate it:

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Wine and Water
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Old Noah he had an ostrich farm and fowls on the largest scale, He ate his egg with a ladle in a egg-cup big as a pail, And the soup he took was ...Rate it:

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Wine Bibber
Robert William Service
I would rather drink than eat, And though I superbly sup, Food, I feel, can never beat Delectation of the cup. Wine it is that cr...Rate it:

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Wine Lady
Te'Arra Poetry
Pour me a glass of that barefoot moscato no ice just chill. Well refreshing! I know wine and I know what I like, relaxe from the music flowing...Rate it:

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The Secret Draught of Wine
Shams al-Din Hafiz
THE secret draught of wine and love repressed Are joys foundationless--then come whate'er May come, slave to the grape I stand confessed! Unloose, ...Rate it:

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To A Jar Of Wine
Eugene Field
O gracious jar,--my friend, my twin, Born at the time when I was born,-- Whether tomfoolery you inspire Or animate with love's desire, Or flame the...Rate it:

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With the Young Wine
Georg Trakl
Sun sets purple, Swallow has already flown far off. Under arches in the evening New wine goes round; Snow falls behind the mountain. Summer's ...Rate it:

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Bread and Wine
Inez K Hyland
A cup of opal Through which there glows The cream of the pearl, The heart of the rose; And the blue of the sea Where Australia lies, And the ...Rate it:

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