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A Plea
Robert William Service
Why should we seek for more, A brighter spate of blood to spill, A deeper sea of gore? Rate it:

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Apologia Pro Poemate Meo
Wilfred Owen
Found peace where shell-storms spouted reddest spate. Nevertheless, except you share With them Rate it:

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Gareth And Lynette
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Gareth, in a showerful spring Stared at the spate. A slender-shafted Pine Lost footing, fell, anRate it:

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Sir Henry Newbolt
the charge, They swept the wall like a stream in spate, And roaring over the roar they heard The gaRate it:

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Gloria in Profundis
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
to God in the Lowest The spout of the stars in spate- Where thunderbolt thinks to be slowest And thRate it:

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La Serpent Qui Danse (The Dancing Serpent)
Charles Baudelaire
the waves. When, as by glaciers ground, the spate Swells hissing from beneath, The water of your mRate it:

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Le Tonneau de la Haine (The Cask of Hate)
Charles Baudelaire
arms employed, Precipitates her buckets, in a spate Of blood and tears, to feed the empty void. Rate it:

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Mountain Life
Henrik Johan Ibsen
A world apart, alone; -- Cut off from men by spate and scree It has a heaven more broad, more frRate it:

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River regardless
Joseph Mark Ippolito
on after I die, rushing streams in full blown spate, meeting deadline fate. Sometimes we just flow Rate it:

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The Overland Mail
Rudyard Kipling
bags of the Overland Mail." Is the torrent in spate? He must ford it or swim. Has the rain wreckedRate it:

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The Record
Robert William Service
to break this disc in two, And spare myself a spate of tears . . . But this I cannot doRate it:

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Tree, Old Tree Of The Triple Crook
William Ernest Henley
lit with the flare of the Pit As it seethes in spate and thunders, Stern on the glare of the torturRate it:

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What Of The Night?
John Le Gay Brereton
the sheaves Of hemlock swirl and scatter in the spate! Love, that has learned in faith to sorrow anRate it:

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Wild Peaches
Elinor Morton Wylie
of slate, A thread of water, churned to milky spate Streaming through slanted pastures fenced witRate it:

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