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Air de la princesse d'Orange
Victor Marie Hugo
on est aimé. Parcourez les charmilles, Les sources, les buissons, Les sources, les buissons ; ARate it:

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Le paradis
Emile Verhaeren
divines ; Eve écoutait le chant menu des sources fines, Le sourire du monde habitait ses beaux yeRate it:

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La Louange des eaux, des arbres et des dieux
Henri de Regnier
souterrains ; Car toute la forêt chante de sources vives Dont le murmure épars circule au sol vivaRate it:

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The Height of Land
Duncan Campbell Scott
can hear The gathering of the waters in their sources. We have come up through the spreading lakes Rate it:

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As Consequent, Etc.
Walt Whitman
the woods, Some down Colorado's cañons from sources of perpetual snow, Some half-hid in OregoRate it:

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Vision Of Columbus - Book 9
Joel Barlow
to the boundless main: 'Tis thus society's small sources rise; Through passions wild their devious Rate it:

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At Her Window
Henry Kendall
without a loaf of bread. I, having learnt from sources pure and high, From springs of love that maRate it:

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Henri de Regnier
un ruisseau, Celles des bois et de la plaine, Sources rustiques ou sacrées, Il connaissait toutes lRate it:

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Learning The Guitar
Walter Jackson
into the trap of electric steel at first. Good sources for an instrument, Amazon online, Or a frRate it:

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A Hasty Inference
Ambrose Bierce
fat, they are rolling in gold, they command All sources and well-springs of power; You've given theRate it:

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A Tribute To My Grandparents
Nikhil Parekh
whispers; shirking as far as possible from sources of obstreperous sound. There was a time when wRate it:

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An Epistle: (To N.A.)
William Watson
the flood--and, half in dream Guessing the sources whence it rose, And musing to what Deep it flowsRate it:

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An Ode In Time of Inauguration
Franklin P. Adams
decent thing, Ti Wit: give credit to my many sources: Barnes's "Brief History of the U.S.A.," BrRate it:

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An Orson Of The Muse
George Meredith
the founts of her distillery Like rough rock-sources; and his woes and wants Being Nature's, civil Rate it:

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Artesian Well
Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin
In the feathergrass steppe Sources lie buried, The thirsty sun knows Life isn't raspberries. In barren haymeadows A child tarries, Walnut crosier ...Rate it:

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Aux arbres
Victor Marie Hugo
autres sourds, Ravins où l'on entend filtrer les sources vives, Buissons que les oiseaux pillent, jRate it:

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Bird Parliament (translation of)
Edward Fitzgerald
of the Air and Sea and Land; I gauged the secret sources of the Springs From Cloud to Fish: the ShaRate it:

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Book Twelfth [Imagination And Taste, How Impaired And Restored ]
William Wordsworth
laboured to cut off my heart From all the sources of her former strength; And as, by simple wavingRate it:

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Chevaux de frise
Guillaume Apollinaire
avec délices Si je songe à tes yeux je songe aux sources fraîches Si je pense à ta bouche les rosesRate it:

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William Cullen Bryant
sittest far beyond the Atlantic deep, Among the sources of thy glorious streams, My native Land of Rate it:

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Ego - the Separation of Self
Jesus Penaranda
and moments. These beliefs grow from many sources. Parents, teacher’s mentors, friends, pieces of yRate it:

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Elegiac I.
Arthur Hugh Clough
From thy far sources, 'mid mountains airily climbing, Pass to the rich lowland, thou busy sunny river; Murmuring once, dimpling, pellucid, limpid, ...Rate it:

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Friendship and Love
Mark Akenside
o'er Mankind. Friendship: From grov'ling Sources, ever springs thy Pow'r, Still varying Fancy, aRate it:

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Fuite En Sologne
Victor Marie Hugo
le spondée A Virgile apparaît. C'est des sources, des îles, Du hêtre et du glaïeul Que sort ce Rate it:

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Fuyons Paris
Maurice Rollinat
l'imposture De la perverse humanité, C'est aux sources de la nature Qu'il faut boire la vérité. Rate it:

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