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The Ways Of Death Are Soothing And Serene
William Ernest Henley
The ways of Death are soothing and serene, And all the words of Death are grave and sweet. From camp and church, the fireside and the street, She b...Rate it:

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A Magic Moment I Remember
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
the pursuits world esteems, Long did I hear your soothing accents, Long did your features haunt my Rate it:

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Avenue In Savernake Forest
William Lisle Bowles
How soothing sound the gentle airs that move The innumerable leaves, high overhead, When autumn first, from the long avenue, That lifts its arching...Rate it:

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Gunpowder Treason
John Keble
they had deemed her genial wing Was Error's soothing blind. She treasures up each throbbing prayRate it:

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Mary Darby Robinson
child of joy, Ever wounding­ever smiling, Soothing still, and still beguiling; What are all thy Rate it:

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Monody to the Memory of Chatterton
Mary Darby Robinson
No sound to solace,­but the verse he lov'd: No soothing numbers harmoniz'd his ear; No feeling bRate it:

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Mother's Kisses
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
an angel fair and calm, Brewed a wondrous soothing balm From the sweet immortal flowers, Growing inRate it:

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Sketch From Bowden Hill After Sickness
William Lisle Bowles
O Nature, thee, in the soft winds, Thee, in the soothing sound of summer leaves, When the still earRate it:

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St. Philip And St. James
John Keble
rest - But middle age by no fond wile, No soothing calm is blest. Still in the world's hot restlRate it:

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The Borough. Letter III: The Vicar--The Curate
George Crabbe
began; Few live to speak of that soft soothing look He cast around, as he prepared his book; It wasRate it:

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Visitation And Communion Of The Sick
John Keble
for one short life we part: I rather woo the soothing art, Which only souls in sufferings tried BeaRate it:

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A myriad of thoughts
the masses bathing in it's delight soothing of it's ecstasy governments capitulate peace their pockRate it:

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of excellence. I closed my eyes, letting your soothing rays tan my supple skin, Why does it burn?, Rate it:

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A Song to David
Christopher Smart
spheres, He made; The glorious light, the soothing shade, Dale, champaign, grove, and hill; The mRate it:

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A To Z Immortal Love
Nikhil Parekh
abnegated your innocuously integral smile. Soothing; pacifying the traumatic agony in your breatRate it:

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Emma Lazarus
sheen. Hark! and you may not hear A sound less soothing than the rustle cool Of swaying leaves, thRate it:

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By The Waters Of Babylon
Christina Georgina Rossetti
live, remote from help, dishonoured lives, Soothing their drunken masters with a song, Or dancing iRate it:

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My Earth Moves
Sayeed Abubakar
much sweet as their voice is; No nightingale so soothing as their call. I have seen no flowers on Rate it:

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New York at Night
Amy Lowell
its flaming ruthless screed. O Night! Whose soothing presence brings The quiet shining of the stRate it:

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Ode On The Istallation of the Duke of Devonshire
Charles Kingsley
faith and scorn of wrong, And cunning lore, and soothing song, Snapt in mid-growth, and leaving unaRate it:

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James McIntyre
busy bees. 'Tis solace for the ills of life, A soothing of the jars and strife; For poets feel it aRate it:

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Saša Milivojev - A SLUMBER FIREFLY
Saša Milivojev
eternal stillness Walls uttering Words Soothing aches I put out the candle with a tear And followedRate it:

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Sex & Black Velvet Cake
Mario William Vitale
dream to come true Raprure from above..rain, a soothing lulaby, Floating..adrift..in dreams your keRate it:

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The Bankrupt Peace-Maker
Vachel Lindsay
I choke Singing of peace. Railing at battle. Soothing a handful with saccharine prattle. All the miRate it:

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the Summit the security and serenity are so soothing and undisturbed that I could literally die of Rate it:

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