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Songs of Praise the Angels Sang
James Montgomery
Songs of praise the angels sang, Heav’n with alleluias rang, When creation was begun, When God spoke and it was done. Songs of praise awoke the mo...Rate it:

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Songs for the People
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Let me make the songs for the people, Songs for the old and young; Songs to stir like a battle-cry Wherever they are sung. Not for the clashin...Rate it:

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Three Songs
Duncan Campbell Scott
lightness, Here is my joy again! III I have songs of dancing pleasure, I have songs of happy hearRate it:

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In Praise of Songs that Die
Vachel Lindsay
they are passing, passing by, Wonderful songs, but born to die! Cries from the infinite human seas,Rate it:

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Introduction to the Songs of Innocence
William Blake
Piping down the valleys wild, Piping songs of pleasant glee, On a cloud I saw a child, And he laughing said to me: 'Pipe a song about a L...Rate it:

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Songs Of Innocence: Introduction
William Blake
Piping down the valleys wild Piping songs of pleasant glee On a cloud I saw a child. And he laughing said to me. Pipe a song about a Lamb: So I pi...Rate it:

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Go, songs, for ended is our brief, sweet play
Francis Thompson
Go, songs, for ended is our brief, sweet play; Go, children of swift joy and tardy sorrow: And some are sung, and that was yesterday, And some a...Rate it:

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Home, My Little Children, Hear Are Songs For You
Robert Louis Stevenson
COME, my little children, here are songs for you; Some are short and some are long, and all, all are new. You must learn to sing them very small an...Rate it:

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In Former Songs
Walt Whitman
IN former songs Pride have I sung, and Love, and passionate, joyful Life, But here I twine the strands of Patriotism and Death. ...Rate it:

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Songs In Sleep
Anonymous Americas
If I could frame for you in cunning words The songs my heart in sleep is often singing, You'd fancy, love, an orquestra of birds Upon their quiveri...Rate it:

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Songs of Joy
William Henry Davies
Sing out, my soul, thy songs of joy; Sing as a happy bird will sing Beneath a rainbow's lovely arch In the spring. Think not of death in thy yo...Rate it:

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Songs that are not sung
John Boyle O'Reilly
the twilight, wordless but complete they come. Songs were born before the singer : like white soulRate it:

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The Songs of Summer
Mathilde Blind
The songs of summer are over and past! The swallow's forsaken the dripping eaves; Ruined and black 'mid the sodden leaves The nests are rudely s...Rate it:

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These Little Songs
William Allingham
These little Songs, Found here and there, Floating in air By forest and lea, Or hill-side heather, In houses and throngs, Or down by the sea -...Rate it:

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Songs of Stones
Norma Odenthal
and tears flowing from heart to heart, singing songs beyond time and tide, and care, returning to sRate it:

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Arab Songs
Padraic Colum
stood up and he put forth his living words; His songs were the hurtling of spears, and his figures Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
Rydal-side,-- Heard in the Teuton's household songs, And folk-lore of the Finn, Where'er to holy CRate it:

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Four Songs Of Four Seasons
Algernon Charles Swinburne
her Comfort, and singing her Stories and songs and good news of the spring. Draw the wRate it:

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Now no-one will be listening to songs
Anna Akhmatova
Now no-one will be listening to songs. The days long prophesied have come to pass. The world has no more miracles. Don't break My heart, song, but ...Rate it:

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Song Of Songs
Wilfred Owen
breathe so, Slowly and low, the sense that no songs say. Sing me at midnight with your murmurous hRate it:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
SONGS are like painted window-panes! In darkness wrapp'd the church remains, If from the market-place we view it; Thus sees the ignoramus through i...Rate it:

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Songs for the Soldiers
Isabella Valancy Crawford
IF songs be sung let minstrels strike their harps To large and joyous strains, all thunder-winged To beat along vast shores. Ay, let their notes Wi...Rate it:

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The Lover Speaks To The Hearers Of His Songs In Coming Days
William Butler Yeats
kneeling by your altar-rails long hence, When songs I wove for my beloved hide the prayer, And smokRate it:

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The Poet's Songs.
Robert Crawford
e'er the poet knew't, Beauty-haunted. The little songs that fly, When the lips parted Let dreams ofRate it:

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Ultima Thule: The Poet And His Songs
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
foam to the surge; So come to the Poet his songs, All hitherward blown From the misty realm, thatRate it:

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