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Where I have lost, I softer tread
Emily Dickinson
Where I have lost, I softer tread— I sow sweet flower from garden bed— I pause above that vanished head And mourn. Whom I have lost, I p...Rate it:

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A Softer Rhyme
Kurt Philip Behm
Are the feelings soft, but the words rock hard Turning emotion into anger or worse Are those wishes pure when the ink goes down Are the...Rate it:

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Clark Street Bridge
Carl Sandburg
singing, singing, . . Silver voices, singing, Softer than the stars, Softer than the mist. Rate it:

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Daughters Of War
Isaac Rosenberg
clays And reach the occult soul; they have no softer lure, No softer lure than the savage ways of dRate it:

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Hope, An Allegorical Sketch
William Lisle Bowles
hills in long succession rose, Touched with a softer and yet softer light, And all was blended as iRate it:

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Songs of the Pixies
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
thy sable vest: What time the pale moon sheds a softer day Mellowing the woods beneath its pensive Rate it:

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Stanzas To A Lady, On Leaving England
George Gordon Lord Byron
hospitable hearth, Where Friendship's or Love's softer glow May smile in joy or soothe in woe; But Rate it:

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The Caravan in the Deserts
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
bruise Their aromatic breath diffuse; Where softer light the sunbeams pour, Through the tall palRate it:

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The Conjunction Of Jupiter And Venus
William Cullen Bryant
Lo! they brighten as we gaze, And shake out softer fires! The great earth feels The gladness and thRate it:

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The Last Leap
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Duller now, black braided tress That a softer hand than mine Far away was wont to twineRate it:

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The Lord of the Isles: Canto I.
Sir Walter Scott
thy towers that lave, Heaved on the beach a softer wave, As 'mid the tuneful choir to keep The diapRate it:

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The Passion
John Milton
o’er the rest Cremona’s trump doth sound: Me softer airs befit, and softer strings Of lute, or viRate it:

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The Village Bells
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Ascends the upland hill. The leaves in softer music stir, The brook in softer tune ; LiRate it:

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The Colour Of Death
Devil Poet
painters and composer can frame it Death is much softer than the flying feather It has a sweet softRate it:

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The Rain
to rush to their softer homes Suddenly, the skRate it:

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Velvet Shoes
Elinor Morton Wylie
step upon white down, Upon silver fleece, Upon softer than these. We shall walk in velvet shoes:Rate it:

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My Indian Summer
Robert William Service
smoke and sip my grog at night. I have a softer sense of touch, For comfort I enjoy so much. My skiRate it:

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Colour Of Death
Devil Poet
painters and composer can frame it Death is much softer than the flying feather It has a sweet softRate it:

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A Ballad of Dreamland
Algernon Charles Swinburne
roses, Out of the sun's way, hidden apart; In a softer bed than the soft white snow's is, Under theRate it:

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Mother Song
Edith Nesbit
next soft fold is love, And the next, finer and softer, is love again; And were they unwound beforeRate it:

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A Ballad of Death
Algernon Charles Swinburne
lips wherethrough this voice of mine Came softer with her praise; Abide a little for our lady's lovRate it:

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A Hymn
James Thomson
headlong torrents, rapid, and profound; Ye softer floods, that lead the humid maze Along the vale; Rate it:

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The River Maiden
Victor James Daley
More softly shimmered The fern-fronds, and with softer green The myrtles glimmered: And—like Rate it:

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A Bard's Epitaph
Robert Burns
know, And keenly felt the friendly glow, And softer flame; But thoughtless follies laid him low,Rate it:

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A Bird Came Down
Emily Dickinson
he unrolled his feathers And rowed him softer home Than oars divide the ocean, Too silver for a seRate it:

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