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The Old Gentleman With The Amber Snuff-Box
Alfred Noyes
_The old gentleman, tapping his amber snuff-box (A heart-shaped snuff-box with a golden clasp) Stared at the dying fire. 'I'd like them all To unde...Rate it:

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Being waked out of my sleep by a snuff of Candle which offended me, I thus thought
Henry King
Perhaps 'twas but conceit. Erroneous sence! Thou art thine own distemper and offence. Imagine then, that sick unwholsom steam Was thy corruption...Rate it:

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Give Me Women, Wine, and Snuff
John Keats
GIVE me women, wine, and snuff Untill I cry out "hold, enough!" You may do so sans objection Till the day of resurrection: For, bless my beard,...Rate it:

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Meddlesome Matty
Ann Taylor
One ugly trick has often spoil'd The sweetest and the best; Matilda, though a pleasant child, One ugly trick possess'd, Which, like a cloud befo...Rate it:

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The Basset-Table : An Eclogue
Alexander Pope
Cardelia. Smilinda. Cardelia. The Basset-Table spread, the Tallier come; Why stays Smilinda in the Dressing-Room? Rise, pensive Nymph, the Talli...Rate it:

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AN ELEGY Upon the most victorious King of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus
Henry King
Like a cold fatal sweat which ushers death My thoughts hang on me, & my lab'ring breath Stopt up with sighs, my fancie big with woes, Feels two ...Rate it:

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Jane Taylor
IN yonder red-brick mansion, tight and square, Just at the town's commencement, lives the mayor. Some yards of shining gravel, fenced with box, Lea...Rate it:

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In the Morning
Paul Laurence Dunbar
'LIAS! 'Lias! Bless de Lawd! Don' you know de day's erbroad? Ef you don' git up, you scamp, Dey'll be trouble in dis camp. Tink I gwine to let you ...Rate it:

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Johnsonian Address
James Brunton Stephens
.“Let observation with extensive view “Survey mankind from China to Peru”— (And whence—permit me in parenthesis To ask—on such historic night as th...Rate it:

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A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General
Jonathan Swift
"His Grace! impossible! what, dead! Of old age too, and in his bed! And could that mighty warrior fall, And so inglorious, after all? Well, since h...Rate it:

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A Sword Fell Pierced Your Heart
Mario William Vitale
arise there is a stirring in the wind the wings of an angelic dove with love solace by a early morning spring hearts will implode to a reasonable e...Rate it:

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Alexander VI Dines with the Cardinal of Capua
Stephen Vincent Benet
Next, then, the peacock, gilt With all its feathers. Look, what gorgeous dyes Flow in the eyes! And how deep, lustrous greens are splashed and s...Rate it:

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Archduchess Anne
George Meredith
1--I In middle age an evil thing Befell Archduchess Anne: She looked outside her wedding-ring Upon a princely man. II Count Louis was for horse ...Rate it:

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Aspiring Miss DeLaine
Francis Bret Harte
(A CHEMICAL NARRATIVE) Certain facts which serve to explain The physical charms of Miss Addie De Laine, Who, as the common reports obtain, Surpass...Rate it:

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Bow and Strings
Innokenty Fedorovich Annensky
What heavy, dark delirium! What dim and moonlit heights! To touch the violin for years And not to know the strings by light! Who needs us...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
(In Memory of a Commission) Help for a patriot distressed, a spotless spirit hurt, Help for an honourable clan sore trampled in the dirt! From Qu...Rate it:

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David Cleek
Siegfried Sassoon
I cannot think that Death will press his claim To snuff you out or put you off your game: You’ll still contrive to play your steady round, Thoug...Rate it:

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Death And Daphne
Jonathan Swift
Death went upon a solemn day At Pluto's hall his court to pay; The phantom having humbly kiss'd His grisly monarch's sooty fist, Presented him the ...Rate it:

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Alexander MacGregor Rose
I live on Canada en Bas — De fines' lan' you see — An' Oncle Sam, a fr'en of mine, He live nex' door to me. Now, long ta...Rate it:

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Elegy X: The Dream
John Donne
Image of her whom I love, more than she, Whose fair impression in my faithful heart Makes me her medal, and makes her love me, As Kings do coins, t...Rate it:

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English Eclogues V - The Witch
Robert Southey
NATHANIEL. Father! here father! I have found a horse-shoe! Faith it was just in time, for t'other night I laid two straws across at Margery's door,...Rate it:

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Farm Breakfast
John Clare
Maids shout to breakfast in a merry strife, And the cat runs to hear the whetted knife, And dogs are ever in the way to watch The mouldy crust and ...Rate it:

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Feri's Dream
Frances Darwin Cornford
I Had a little dog, and my dog was very small; He licked me in the face, and he answered to my call; Of all the treasures that were mine, I loved h...Rate it:

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For Mayor
Ambrose Bierce
O Abner Doble-whose 'catarrhal name' Budd of that ilk might envy-'tis a rough Rude thing to say, but it is plain enough Your name is to be sneezed ...Rate it:

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Ginger's Cobber
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
''E wears perjarmer soots an' cleans 'is teeth,' That's wot I reads. It fairly knocked me flat, 'Me soljer cobber, be the name o' Keith.' Well, if...Rate it:

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