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You Played And Sang A Snatch Of Song
William Ernest Henley
You played and sang a snatch of song, A song that all-too well we knew; But whither had flown the ancient wrong; And was it really I and you? O, si...Rate it:

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Anchor Song
Rudyard Kipling
round. Heave, ah heave her short again! Over, snatch her over, there, and hold her on the pawl. LRate it:

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Between The Wind And Rain
Isabella Valancy Crawford
with a deeper green-- 'And with their tendrils snatch thy passing harp, 'And keep it by brief seconRate it:

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Victor Marie Hugo
little laughing sprite: Why, Nature, didst thou snatch him from the light? Hast thou not myriad birRate it:

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Monody to the Memory of Chatterton
Mary Darby Robinson
all that FANCY, all that GENIUS gave, Could snatch thy wounded spirit from the grave. Hard was tRate it:

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To An Infant
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
thy tears and sobs, my little life! I did but snatch away the unclasped knife: Some safer toy will Rate it:

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Artemis To Actaeon
Edith Wharton
know the dulness of the long descent, To snatch the crown of life and seal it up Secure forever in Rate it:

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Brother and Sister
George Eliot
bait, And bade me, when I saw a nearing barge, Snatch out the line lest he should come too late. Rate it:

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The Mortal Lease
Edith Wharton
call, And ruinous autumn in the wind’s first snatch At summer’s green impenetrable thatch— That alwRate it:

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The Poet And His Book
Edna St. Vincent Millay
at your leisure, Till the kettle boil, Snatch of me your pleasure, Where the broom-straw marks the Rate it:

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Songs Set To Music: 20. Set By Mr. De Fesch
Matthew Prior
Since by ill fate I'm forced away, And snatch'd so soon from those dear arms, Against my will I must obey, And leave those sweet endearing charms. ...Rate it:

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What did They do since I saw Them?
Emily Dickinson
to put Them Have I the eagerness That could I snatch Their Faces That could Their lips reply Not tRate it:

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Thomas Hood
sudden Night is prest Like tearful Proserpine, snatch'd from her flow'rs To a most gloomyRate it:

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Ocean: An Ode. Concluding with A wish.*
Edward Young
What, none aspire? I snatch the lyre, And plunge into the foaming waveRate it:

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Juliet After The Masquerade. By Thompson
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
pleasant was its beat. She murmur'd over many a snatch of song That might to her own feelings now Rate it:

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Sonnet -- The Mariner
Mary Darby Robinson
the keen blast descending from the sky, Snatch'd his warm tear-drop from the rav'nous deep. DrencRate it:

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1916 seen from 1921
Edmund Blunden
we would go, my friend of friends and I, And snatch long moments from the grudging wars, Whose darkRate it:

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A Classroom Assignment
Anonymous Americas
brother's woes, Relieve the wants he undergoes? Snatch him from slavery's cruel smart, And to him fRate it:

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A Crowded Trolley-Car
Elinor Morton Wylie
hands. Supple hands, or gnarled and stiff, Snatch and catch and grope; That face is yellow-pale,Rate it:

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A Day At Tivoli - Prologue
John Kenyon
fruitage—and the flowers. Come, then, and snatch Occasion; transient boon! And sliding into FutureRate it:

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A Day in Bed
Katherine Mansfield
an awful dog we had Who used to creep around And snatch at things--he was so bad, With just that hoRate it:

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A Dialogue
Percy Bysshe Shelley
breast with a sigh. O Death! O my friend! snatch this form to thy shrine, And I fear, dear destroyeRate it:

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A Dialogue Between Thyrsis And Dorinda
Andrew Marvell
Dorinda When Death, shall snatch us from these Kids, And shut up our divided Lids, Tell me Thyrsis, prethee do, Whither thou and I must go. Thyrsi...Rate it:

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A Dorset Idyl
Francis Turner Palgrave
raved. Paints how the wanderer-chief divine, Snatch'd from Circaean guile, Led by Nausicaa past AthRate it:

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A Flower. Painted By Simon Varelst
Matthew Prior
the painter's science at a stand, The goddess snatch'd the pencil from his hand, And finishing the Rate it:

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