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Escape From The Snares Of Love
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
YOUNG LOVE has chains of metal rare, Heavy as gold-yet light as air: It chanced he caught a heart one day Which struggled hard, as loth to stay....Rate it:

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Save the Boys
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
and be a man again, When every street with snares is spread, And nets of sin where'er I tread. No; Rate it:

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The Quid Pro Quo; Or The Mistakes
La Fontaine
blind, who sees enough to lay His num'rous snares, such tricks will often play. The CRADLE in BoccaRate it:

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Amazing Grace
John Newton
first believ'd! Thro' many dangers, toils, and snares, I have already come; 'Tis grace has broughtRate it:

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Faith's Review and Expectation (Amazing Grace)
John Newton
Thro' many dangers, toils, and snares, 10 I have already come; 11 'Tis grace has broughRate it:

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James Hogg
this countrye: I have brought her away frae the snares of men, That sin or death she never may keRate it:

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The Passion
John Milton
dearest Lord did seize ere long, Dangers, and snares, and wrongs, and worse than so, Which he forRate it:

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To Miss --,
Samuel Johnson
shun, rash youth, the gay alcove, Nor tempt the snares of wily love. When charms thus press on everRate it:

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Before Sleep
Archibald Lampman
a moment, ere I be Tangled in the snares of night, All the dreamy heart of me To my Lady takes its Rate it:

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Address to the Devil
Robert Burns
But a' your doings to rehearse, 110 Your wily snares an' fechtin fierce, 111 Sin' that day Michael Rate it:

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Dæmonic Love
Ralph Waldo Emerson
own, For watch, and ward, and furtherance In the snares of nature's dance; And the lustre and the gRate it:

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The Moon
William Topaz McGonagall
the night; For thou lettest him see to set his snares To catch the rabbit and the hares. Rate it:

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A Reading Of Life--With The Persuader
George Meredith
of attendant Graces she can use Her natural snares to make her will supreme. A simple nymph it is, Rate it:

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A Toast
Lola Ridge
greed never sated, Who barters the souls in his snares, That were trapped in the lusts he created, Rate it:

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A Wool Fleet Chorus
Cicely Fox Smith
and the January sales! Soon we'll leave the Snares behind, blusterous and strong Up'll come the WeRate it:

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Address ToThe Devil
Robert Burns
ava? But a' your doings to rehearse, Your wily snares an' fechtin fierce, Sin' that day Michael didRate it:

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Adieux à Marie Stuart
Algernon Charles Swinburne
! No maid that strays with steps unwary Through snares unseen, But one to live and die for; Mary, Rate it:

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Edgar Lee Masters
false to thy fathers and time, O thou whom the snares of kings already encompass thy feet, With tRate it:

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An Hymn To The Evening
Phillis Wheatley
the day begin More pure, more guarded from the snares of sin. Night's leaden sceptre seals my droRate it:

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Ars Longa
Adam Lindsay Gordon
aid our sister's : The pit prepares its hidden snares, The rock prepared to cleave is, We cry, in fRate it:

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Author's Apology For His Book
John Bunyan
how he engageth all his wits; Also his snares, lines, angles, hooks, and nets: Yet fish there be, Rate it:

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Baseball and Writing
Marianne Moore
it, although deer sounds better-- snares what was speeding towards its treetop nest, one-handing tRate it:

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Blessing The Cornfields
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
daybreak, He had spread o'er all the cornfields Snares to catch the black marauders, And was lying Rate it:

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Bruadar And Smith And Glinn
Douglas Hyde
flails of sorrow flay! Cause for lamenting, snares and cares Be theirs by night and day! Amen! Rate it:

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Adam Lindsay Gordon
to the pride of life ? Hast thou pass'd all snares of pleasure by ? Hast thou shunn'd all wrath andRate it:

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