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When The Old Man Smokes
Paul Laurence Dunbar
those moods of silent dreaming When the old man smokes. Ah, perhaps he sits there dreaming Of the Rate it:

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Of F.W.H.M. to One that Smokes
James Kenneth Stephen
Spare us the hint of slightest desecration, Spotless preserve us an untainted shrine; Not for thy sake, oh goddess of creation, Not for thy sake, o...Rate it:

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Pipe Smoker
Robert William Service
me for a friend in need A man who smokes a pipe. A cove who hasn't much to say, Rate it:

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The Feet of the Young Men
Rudyard Kipling
now the Hunting Winds are loose -- Now the Smokes of Spring go up to clear the brain; Now the YoungRate it:

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A Young Poet In His 24th Year
Constantine P. Cavafy
feels it only acquiesces. And then he drinks and smokes, drinks and smokes; and he drags himself tRate it:

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Old Black Jacko
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Old Black Jacko Smokes tobacco In his little pipe of clay. Puff, puff, puff, He never has enough Though he smokes it all day. But his lubra ...Rate it:

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Two Gardens in Linndale
Edwin Arlington Robinson
sits beside The other’s grave at eventide, And smokes, and wonders what new race Will have two gRate it:

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In A Castle
Amy Lowell
on the oaken log which burns, and steams, and smokes the ceiling beams. Drip -- hiss -- the rain neRate it:

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'Monstre' Balloon
Richard Harris Barham
cloaks; Such a trumpery tale every one of us smokes, And we know very well your whole story's a hRate it:

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A Day At Tivoli - Prologue
John Kenyon
wisely truant, oft would come, Forth from the smokes, the toils, the strifes of Rome. For, tho' defRate it:

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A Dutch Picture. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fifth)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
But when the winter rains begin, He sits and smokes by the blazing brands, And old seafaring men Rate it:

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A Poor French Sailor’s Scottish Sweetheart
William Johnson Cory
of reeds that bend! Oh, quencher of tow that smokes! I ’d rather descend to my sailor friend Rate it:

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A Sudden Shower
James Whitcomb Riley
at the trouble of the skies. The highway smokes; sharp echoes ring; The cattle bawl and cowbells cRate it:

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Alma; or, The Progress of the Mind. In Three Cantos. - Canto II.
Matthew Prior
th' other, at his hours of leisure, He smokes his pipe, and takes his pleasure. And now your matriRate it:

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Behind the Closed Eye
Francis Ledwidge
them grow As a smoker does his rings. Above me smokes the little town, With its whitewashed walls Rate it:

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Bill the Bullock-Driver
Henry Kendall
sleep he endeavours to light Is the pipe that he smokes on the dray. To the mighty, magnificent tRate it:

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Cactus Seed
Lola Ridge
belly-prints of dreams drifted out of old smokes— trillions of icily peltering notes out of just onRate it:

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Cadenus And Vanessa
Jonathan Swift
the point of every dart; His altar now no longer smokes; His mother's aid no youth invokes— This teRate it:

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De Profundis
Thomas Hardy
Breezily go they, breezily come; their dust smokes around their career, Till I think I am one hoRate it:

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December Sonnet
Georg Trakl
linen black and cold. A dog rots, a shrub smokes blood-doused. The reed is flown through by yelloRate it:

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Domestic Scene
Robert William Service
sews white underwear; The Father reads and smokes and spits, While Sonny Boy plays solitaire. Rate it:

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Drought and Doctrine
James Brunton Stephens
to be a saint; So I minds “the cultivation,” smokes my pipe, an' makes no stir, An' religion an' suRate it:

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Effects Of Musk Perfume
Nikhil Parekh
cloud smokes of aroma rose tantalizingly in the air, dull sheaths of cabin air were drenched with fragrance, spotless patches of shirt were smear...Rate it:

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Elegy VI
John Donne
not serve so, as those men serve Whom honour's smokes at once fatten and starve; Poorly enrich't wiRate it:

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Epigram - Frank Carves Very Ill
Matthew Prior
he eats. Four pipes after dinner he constantly smokes, And seasons his whiffs with impertinent jokeRate it:

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