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Mr. Clay’s Reception At Raleigh, April, 1844
George Moses Horton
home; Now let the best musician play, A skillful tune for Henry Clay! Let every ear With transpRate it:

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The adventurer
Odey-Agba Itite Emmanuel.
sailors going overboard and devour by sharks. Skillful ones sailing successfully and anchoring theRate it:

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Robert William Service
into a tree. How could he have so little heed? A skillful driver he. I think he must have found thaRate it:

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A Society Leader
Ambrose Bierce
it: I regard it true That soldiers who are skillful in 'the Lancers' Less often die of cannon than Rate it:

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Beautiful Rose
Henry Clay Work
is a lady yet from early dawn, Labors her skillful hand; She is the housewife, now her mother's gonRate it:

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Explanation Of An Ancient Woodcut
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
he to others would gladly give. He had a skillful eye and true, And was full kind and loving too. Rate it:

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Grand Rapids Cricket Club
Julia A Moore
club, Of men that cricket play, As fine a set of skillful men That can their skill display. They arRate it:

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Guido Sebaldi
Cicely Fox Smith
at his work alone. His hands were ready and skillful, And his days with toil were rife, But the soRate it:

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Hesiod: or, The Rise of Woman
Thomas Parnell
native tropes of anger, arms the sex. Minerva, skillful goddess, train'd the maid To twirle the sRate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
Paul Laurence Dunbar
come The closest to your heart. Fur trim an' skillful phrases, I do not keer a jot; 'Tain't the worRate it:

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Look Home
Robert Southwell
by the work of endless skill and might ; This skillful might gave many sparks of bliss And, to discRate it:

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Lord Robert's Triumphal Entry into Pretoria
William Topaz McGonagall
for the people of Pretoria their liberty, By his skillful tactics and great generalship, be it toldRate it:

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Ode I: The Remonstrance Of Shakespeare
Mark Akenside
i survey'd and fearless drew. And say, ye skillful in the human heart, Who know to prize a poet's nRate it:

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Of The Shop
Constantine P. Cavafy
them in the safe, a sample of his daring and skillful craft. When a buyer enters the shop he tRate it:

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Oh Man!
Franklin P. Adams
skies; Mountain and hill are clay to his will; Skillful he is, and wise. Sea to sea hath he weddRate it:

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On the shop
Constantine P. Cavafy
them in the safe, a sample of his daring and skillful craft. When a buyer enters the shop he takeRate it:

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Henry Vaughan
Where stands a winged sentry 4 All skillful in the wars; 5 There, above noise and dRate it:

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Please Do Consult The Creator
Nikhil Parekh
towards the sky; consult the dexterous and skillful architect, For a faint idea about the computeRate it:

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Prophecy of a Ten Ton Cheese
James McIntyre
be pressed in one like this cheese, Then one skillful hand could acquire Power to move British empiRate it:

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She went as quiet as the Dew
Emily Dickinson
softly as a star From out my summer's Eve— Less skillful than Le Verriere It's sorer to believe! Rate it:

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The Creator Was Everywhere
Nikhil Parekh
on which the laborer slept, Be it the most skillful doctor's clinic which was inundated with a hosRate it:

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The Cry of the Dreamer
John Boyle O'Reilly
lives of the poor. Oh, the little hands too skillful, And the child-mind choked with weeds! The dauRate it:

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The Description Of Tyburn
John Taylor
seldom serve for profitable uses: Except the skillful Surgeons industry Do make Dissection of AnaRate it:

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The Hero of Kalapore
William Topaz McGonagall
great havoc with their sabres. So by the skillful war tactics of brave Lieutenant Kerr, He defeatRate it:

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The Praise of Pindar in Imitation of Horace His Second Ode, Book 4
Abraham Cowley
the conquerors' images, Whether the swift, the skillful, or the strong Be crowned in his nimble, arRate it:

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