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A London Plane-Tree
Amy Levy
Green is the plane-tree in the square, The other trees are brown; They droop and pine for country air; The plane-tree loves the town. Here from my...Rate it:

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Letter to S.S. from Mametz Wood
Robert Graves
I never dreamed we’d meet that day In our old haunts down Fricourt way, Plotting such marvellous journeys there For jolly old “Après-la-guerre.”...Rate it:

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Nils Finn
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
Now little Nils Finn had away to go; The skis were too loose at both heel and toe. --"That's too bad!" rumbled yonder. Then little Nils Finn in t...Rate it:

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To Sculptor Borch
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
(On his fiftieth birthday) With friends you stalwart stand and fair, To-day of fifty years the heir; The past your works rejoicing praise, But forw...Rate it:

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A Problem in Dynamics
James Clerk Maxwell
An inextensible heavy chain Lies on a smooth horizontal plane, An impulsive force is applied at A, Required the initial motion of K. Let ds be the...Rate it:

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A Tale Of The Airly Days
James Whitcomb Riley
Oh! tell me a tale of the airly days-- Of the times as they ust to be; 'Piller of Fi-er' and 'Shakespeare's Plays' Is a' most too deep fer me! I wa...Rate it:

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Cathedral in the Thrashing Rain
(O mata fukitsunoru ame kaze.) O another deluge of wind and rain. Collar turned up, getting drenched in this splashing rain, and looking up at you ...Rate it:

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Tea On The Lawn
Robert William Service
It was foretold by sybils three that in an air crash he would die. "I'll fool their prophesy," said he; "You won't get me to go on high. Howe're th...Rate it:

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The Brus Book 19
John Barbour
[The conspiracy against King Robert; its discovery] Than wes the land a quhile in pes, Bot covatys, that can nocht ces To set men apon felony ...Rate it:

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The Child-World
James Whitcomb Riley
A Child-World, yet a wondrous world no less, To those who knew its boundless happiness. A simple old frame house--eight rooms in all-- Set just one...Rate it:

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The House Of Dust: Part 03: 07: Porcelain
Conrad Potter Aiken
You see that porcelain ranged there in the window— Platters and soup-plates done with pale pink rosebuds, And tiny violets, and wreaths of ivy? See...Rate it:

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The Sycamores
John Greenleaf Whittier
In the outskirts of the village On the river's winding shores Stand the Occidental plane-trees, Stand the ancient sycamores. One long century ...Rate it:

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The Mortal Lease
Edith Wharton
I Because the currents of our love are poured Through the slow welter of the primal flood From some blind source of monster-haunted mud, And flung...Rate it:

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Dualocity.. Da Da Dun
Ryza Reazon
The eternal call of one unified thought Resonating deep and pure Conscious life-force Light of evolution Emanating from the source A thought absen...Rate it:

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elegy of the 0ak and the Willow
p g webster
The wretched wind that rocks my bough curtails the warmth I feel for thee. Truly the love of such a flower can mend with ease this broken tree? Tha...Rate it:

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In vein
The day life found love its lost saw winter saw sun had a little fun Had love Lost love even made love in vien its plane to see the day th...Rate it:

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A Coffin—is a Small Domain
Emily Dickinson
A Coffin—is a small Domain, Yet able to contain A Citizen of Paradise In it diminished Plane. A Grave—is a restricted Breadth— Yet ampler than the...Rate it:

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The Trees Are Down
Charlotte Mary Mew
and he cried with a loud voice: Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees - Revelation They are cutting down the great plane-trees at th...Rate it:

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Child's Song in Spring
Edith Nesbit
The Silver Birch is a dainty lady, She wears a satin gown; The elm tree makes the old churchyard shady, She will not live in town. The English...Rate it:

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Sleep Well, My Baby Biddie II
Nobody Nose
Sleep Well, My Baby Brigid It is night time The sky with its horoscope signs The stars Are chatting the world over What a squabble Of quiet "S...Rate it:

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Guillaume Apollinaire
At last you're tired of this elderly world Shepherdess O Eiffel Tower this morning the bridges are bleating You're fed up living with antiquity ...Rate it:

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A celle qui est voilée
Victor Marie Hugo
Tu me parles du fond d'un rêve Comme une âme parle aux vivants. Comme l'écume de la grève, Ta robe flotte dans les vents. Je suis l'algue des fl...Rate it:

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Ah Ling, The Leper
Edward George Dyson
UP a dark and fetid alley, where the offal and the slime Of a brave and blusterous city met its misery and crime, In a hovel reeking pestilence, an...Rate it:

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Alaric In Italy
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Heard ye the Gothic trumpet's blast? The march of hosts as Alaric passed? His steps have tracked that glorious clime, The birth-place of heroic tim...Rate it:

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All I Want Is Everything
Nikhil Parekh
All I want is a chain of thick gold adorning my neck, All I want is a stream of white champagne to incessantly titillate my throat, All I want ...Rate it:

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