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The Crooked Sixpence
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
TAKE then back your foolish token, Since it cannot change like you; When I feel my heart is broken, Shall it still proclaim you true? When you ...Rate it:

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Market Square
Alan Alexander Milne
got a rabbit, not anywhere there. I found a sixpence, A little white sixpence. I took it in my hanRate it:

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Mrs Frances Haris's Petition
Jonathan Swift
had in a purse seven pounds, four shillings, and sixpence, (besides farthings) in money and gold; Rate it:

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Alan Alexander Milne
Christopher down with me, For Nurse had given us sixpence each- And down we went to the beach. We Rate it:

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The Friend
Alan Alexander Milne
names of funny Kings, And the answer's always Sixpence or A Hundred Inches Long. And I know they'llRate it:

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The Friend of Humanity and the Knife-grinder
George Canning
30A pot of beer, if you will give me sixpence; 31But for my part, I never loRate it:

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The Friend of Humanity, and the Knife-Grinder
John Hookham Frere
health in A pot of beer, if you will give me sixpence; But for my part, I never love to meddle WithRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
from the oats, the half-quid from the gilded sixpence, and the common sense from common tripe. To Rate it:

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In The Fashion
Alan Alexander Milne
a quail- They’ve all got tails but me. If I had sixpence I would buy one; I’d say to the shopman, Rate it:

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An Extempore
John Keats
for by what Mr. Dwarfy said I would not give a sixpence for her head.' Even as he spake he trotted Rate it:

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A transport one cannot contain
Emily Dickinson
lid— Unto its Ecstasy! A Diagram—of Rapture! A sixpence at a Show— With Holy Ghosts in Cages! The Rate it:

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A Visitor In The Camp
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
those who'd robbed you thousands, Dropped you a sixpence in the gutter where You lay and rotted, woRate it:

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After The Play
Robert Graves
what is the need? To the Play I went, With sixpence for a near seat, money's worth indeed, The bestRate it:

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Albert and His Savings
Marriott Edgar
we'll have seventeen and six And one pound and sixpence, in ten!" Young Albert weren't what you'd Rate it:

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Robert William Service
Come not nigh This accursèd spot, Where for sixpence one can buy Skylarks for the pot; Dante, paintRate it:

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An Epistle To Fleetwood Shephard, Esq. Burleigh, May 14, 1689
Matthew Prior
estate, In verse or prose we write or chat, Not sixpence matter upon what. 'Tis not how well an autRate it:

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Audley Court
Alfred Lord Tennyson
fight and march and countermarch, Be shot for sixpence in a battle-field, And shovell’d up into somRate it:

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Billy Barlow In Australia
Andrew Barton Paterson
sold off the lot, and I'm sure 'twas a sin, At sixpence a head, and the station giv'n in. Oh dear, Rate it:

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Brown's Tram
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
nor grieved their meagre dole Was weekly two and sixpence less. Then Brown's employer, kindly soulRate it:

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Conducted Tour
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
lacks Buy your tickets at the window - Two and sixpence - plus tax. Rate it:

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Economy, A Rhapsody, Addressed to Young Poets
William Shenstone
his careful brow, to let his purse Ope to a sixpence's diameter! He likes our ways; he owns the wayRate it:

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Jimmy Wood
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
metaphorical ran riot, He’d calmly tender sixpence to the girl, And drink his poisonRate it:

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Judex Judicatus
Ambrose Bierce
discharged; Invoking still a 'song o' sixpence' from The Scottish fiddle of each lusty palm, Thy JuRate it:

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LA PENALE (The Fine)
Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli
all sorts and kinds. Now my vicar has decreed a sixpence fine [1] For anyone saying a foul word. Rate it:

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Edward Thomas
she'd skin a flint and spoil a knife Worth sixpence skinning it. She heard him speak: 'She had a faRate it:

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