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Smoke Signals
in my ear I'm not fucking you tonight smoke signals I've mastered so between the lines I see pussy Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
When the olive green light enclosed in translucent sheath of glass beeped, it was a subtle signal for pedestrians to unanimously surge forward, z...Rate it:

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The Seeking Of The Waterfall
John Greenleaf Whittier
its beguiling melodies. Beyond, above, its signals flew Of tossing foam the birch-trees through; NRate it:

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The Night Journey
Rupert Brooke
end appointed, O my soul! Crimson and green the signals burn; the gloom Is hung with steam’s far-Rate it:

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Wounded Healers
Bubba's Heart
the fight roars much stronger will the right leg signals or the left legs the healer? https://www.Rate it:

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At Old Railroad Stations
Franz Werfel
sparks fly And the flashing of the tragic signals, When I long got off at the destination. Rate it:

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A Desolate Shore
William Ernest Henley
her battered and inveterate leer, She signals where he prowls in the dark alone, Her horrible old mRate it:

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A Reading Of Life--With The Persuader
George Meredith
its fellow shy, Where innocence, not nature, signals nay. The bud of fresh virginity awaits The wooRate it:

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A Song Of Winds
Roderic Quinn
creaking schooners wearing seaward, And signals crying — Stand off! Stand off! Of frothy flakes on Rate it:

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An Autumn Rain-Scene
Thomas Hardy
On whom the rain comes down. One watches for signals of wreck or war From the hill afar, On whoRate it:

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An Ode in Time of Hesitation
William Vaughn Moody
flutter of broad phylacteries; While Shasta signals to Alaskan seas That watch old sluggish glaciRate it:

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James Joyce
I pass at eve of day. Grey way whose violet signals are The trysting and the twining star. Ah sRate it:

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Bridegroom Dick
Herman Melville
they forget! O--quartermaster I; yes, the signals set, Hoisted the ensign, mended it when frayed, PRate it:

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Cap'n Storm-Along
Alfred Noyes
and drifter, in dinghy and dory, Wherever he signals, they leap to his call; They batter the seas tRate it:

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Robert Crawford
we cannot see, And the far shore burns its signals Of eerie mystery. And Charon knows each signal —Rate it:

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Conductor Bradley
John Greenleaf Whittier
thought save duty's, moved again 'Put out the signals for the other train!' No nobler utterance siRate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
and signeth and saith: -- "What see ye? Their signals, or levin afar? "What hear ye? God's thunderRate it:

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Has My Heart Gone To Sleep?
Antonio Machado
eyes are opened wide watching distant signals, listening on the rim of vast silence. Rate it:

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Hymn 75
Isaac Watts
in his heart are found, Hard by the signals of his wound: His sacred side no more shall bear The crRate it:

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In the Street
Henry Lawson
advent By the lower skies aflame With the signals of his coming, for he comes not as he came – Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
The instants it got provoked by kin; envisaged signals of being mutilated. The frivolous monkey pRate it:

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James Macpherson
of war. The king of Morven is returned; his signals are spread on the wind. Go to the halls of StruRate it:

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Light Of love
Nikhil Parekh
insipid smoke. The light emerging from traffic signals appeared scintillating; blending perfectly Rate it:

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Harold Monro
and my nerves Prepare their rapid messages and signals. While Memory begins recording, coding, RRate it:

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Love Eases life
Nikhil Parekh
ease seriousness, Nature eases pompousness, Signals ease traffic jams, Whistles ease fanaticism,Rate it:

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