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The Sign-Post
Edward Thomas
The dim sea glints chill. The white sun is shy, And the skeleton weeds and the never-dry, Rough, long grasses keep white with frost At the hill-top...Rate it:

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Evil Corpse In Post Mortem Habitation
Mario William Vitale
twisted chains in the very fabric of their existence... come join in the resistance shattered glass out on the patio vanished corpse out of thin ai...Rate it:

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I went down to post a letter
Lesbia Harford
I went down to post a letter Through the garden, through the garden. All the lovely stars were shining As I went. They were free as I, unhappy ...Rate it:

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See they come, post haste from Thanet
Jane Austen
See they come, post haste from Thanet, Lovely couple, side by side; They've left behind them Richard Kennet With the Parents of the Bride! Canterb...Rate it:

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The Last Post
Robert Graves
The bugler sent a call of high romance— “Lights out! Lights out!” to the deserted square. On the thin brazen notes he threw a prayer, “God, if i...Rate it:

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A Post-Cup Tale
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I'ad the money in me 'and! Fair dinkum! Right there, by the stand. I tole me wife at breakfus' time, Straight out: 'Trivalve,' I sez 'is prime. Tr...Rate it:

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A Post-producer, and hawthorn-addict
Xiaoyuan Yin
(C11, M54, Y89, K0): the daintily-mellowed tints of a glorious sunset Glides along his vernier of Color Depths C——a positive value indicates: Afr...Rate it:

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Last Post
William Ernest Henley
THE day's high work is over and done, And these no more will need the sun: Blow, you bugles of England, blow! These are gone where all must go, Mig...Rate it:

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Paulo Post Futuri
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
WEEP ye not, ye children dear, That as yet ye are unborn: For each sorrow and each tear Makes the father's heart to mourn. Patient be a short ti...Rate it:

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Pigeon Post
Katharine Lee Bates
White wing, white wing, Lily of the air, What word dost bring, On whose errand fare? Red word, red word, Snowy plumes abhor. I, Christ's own ...Rate it:

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Post festum
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
A man in coat of ice arrayed Stood up once by the Arctic Ocean; The whole earth shook with proud emotion And honor to the giant paid. A king came,...Rate it:

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Post Mortem
Robinson Jeffers
Happy people die whole, they are all dissolved in a moment, they have had what they wanted, No hard gifts; the unhappy Linger a space, but pain is ...Rate it:

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Post Mortem Conspectu
Ezra Pound
A brown, fat babe sitting in the lotus, And you were glad and laughing With a laughter not of this world. It is good to splash in the water And lau...Rate it:

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Post Mortem.
Robert Crawford
When I have passed the bourne of ear and eye, And thou my whereabouts no more canst tell; When all I am is but a phantasy, Seen in thy heart, to no...Rate it:

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Post Office Romance
Robert William Service
The lady at the corner wicket Sold me a stamp, I stooped to lick it, And on the envelope to stick it; A spinster lacking girlish grace, Yet sweetly...Rate it:

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Dorothy Parker
Hope it was that tutored me, And Love that taught me more; And now I learn at Sorrow's knee The self-same lore. Rate it:

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Francis William Lauderdale Adams
BURY me with clenched hands And eyes open wide, For in storm and struggle I lived, And in struggle and storm I died. Rate it:

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Robinson Jeffers
Civilized, crying: how to be human again; this will tell you how. Turn outward, love things, not men, turn right away from humanity, Let that doll ...Rate it:

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The Post That Fitted
Rudyard Kipling
Though tangled and twisted the course of true love This ditty explains, No tangle's so tangled it cannot improve If the Lover has brains. Ere the ...Rate it:

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The Travelling Post Office
Andrew Barton Paterson
The roving breezes come and go, the reed-beds sweep and sway, The sleepy river murmers low,and loiters on its way, It is the land of lots o'time ...Rate it:

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To a Post Office Inkwell
Christopher Morley
How many humble hearts have dipped In you, and scrawled their manuscript! Have shared their secrets, told their cares, Their curious and quaint ...Rate it:

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Written Upon Love’s Frontier-Post
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
Toiling love, loose your pack, All your sighs and tears unbind: Care's a ware will break a back, Will not bend a maiden's mind. In this State a ...Rate it:

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Old Town Types No. 26 - Dr. Andy Deveraux
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Some saw in him a Scottish wreck; some said that he was mad; A few proclaimed his genius, but all agreed 'twas sad That Doctor Andy Deveraux had le...Rate it:

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The Defence of Lucknow
Alfred Lord Tennyson
I BANNER of England, not for a season, O banner of Britain, hast thou Floated in conquering battle or flapt to the battle-cry! Never with mightier ...Rate it:

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Anna Akhmatova
Not under foreign skies Nor under foreign wings protected - I shared all this with my own people There, where misfortune had abandoned us. [1961] ...Rate it:

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