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The Splendid Shilling
John Arthur Phillips
Things unattempted yet in Prose or Rhime, A Shilling, Breeches, and Chimera's Dire. Happy tRate it:

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The Cock And The Bull
Charles Stuart Calverley
was my snickering dandiprat’s own term — One shilling and fourpence, current coin o’ the realm. O-nRate it:

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Charles Stuart Calverley
be his fare, his fare; And he shall have a good shilling, If by two of the clock he do me bring To Rate it:

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A Tale of the Miser and the Poet
Anne Kingsmill Finch
to write North-Briton. PHILIPS, who's by the Shilling known, Ne'er saw a Shilling of his own. MeRate it:

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Charles Lamb
scan, And why that self-satisfied smile At the shilling you gave to the poor working man, That liftRate it:

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LI SPIRITI IV (Ghosts 4)
Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli
more, after the holy priest's profit of one shilling, Easter came, and the aforesaid fool Began Rate it:

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Andrew Barton Paterson
his name is mud. That I did for him I paid my shilling and I cast my vote. MACBREATH: Thou art theRate it:

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The King Of Brentford’s Testament
William Makepeace Thackeray
eighteen months to last. 'He never owed a shilling. Went never drunk to bed, He has not two ideas Rate it:

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My Father-in-Law and I
Henry Lawson
a virtuous man, I think); But we spare a shilling whenever we can, And we both drop in for a drink.Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
third nineteen fifteen He took King George’s shilling. In Cardiff, on the dotted line His signaturRate it:

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Red light
William Carlos Williams
as to them she is all but meat yet another shilling,Doller a nothing just a child she maybe But foRate it:

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Peter the Piccaninny
Henry Kendall
played the darkey’s game— We tipped him with a shilling! We tipped him with a shining bob— No TomRate it:

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'Look at The Clock!' : Patty Morgan The Milkmaid's Story
Richard Harris Barham
Your wife,-- ay, a dozen of wives,-- for a shilling! You may do what you please, You may sell myRate it:

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A Ballad Of Refreshment
Robert Fuller Murray
tea, (Three currants in a bun) She charged him a shilling and let him be, And the train went on at Rate it:

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Ad Moodium
Ambrose Bierce
dime I cannot, though I try, Believe a shilling. Perhaps you can. If so, pray do- Believe you own Rate it:

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Albert's Return
Marriott Edgar
`urry, young man." Then giving young Albert a shilling, `E said "`Ere, pop off back to the zoo; Rate it:

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Ben Jonson Entertains a Man from Stratford
Edwin Arlington Robinson
an ass’s head in Fairyland As he would add a shilling to more shillings, All most harmonious,—andRate it:

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Days of 1908
Constantine P. Cavafy
and of good education. Two or three shillings he made, more or less. From cards and backgammon whaRate it:

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Distracted Druggist
Robert William Service
'A shilling's worth of quinine, please,' The customer demanded. The druggist went down on his knees And from a cupboard handed ...Rate it:

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Epilogue on the Same Occasion (Princess of Cleves)
John Dryden
tittle what there's in ye; No passing your gilt shilling for a guinea. Thus, gentlemen, we have sRate it:

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Everyday Characters II - Quince
Winthrop Mackworth Praed
at his door Had first abuse, and then — a shilling. Some public principles he had, But was no fRate it:

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Father William
Lewis Carroll
very supple By the use of this ointment - one shilling the box - Allow me to sell you a couple.' 'Rate it:

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Ferdinando and Elvira
William Schwenck Gilbert
him, stop him! 'Tra! la! la!' the soup's a shilling!" But until I reached ELVIRA'S home, I neverRate it:

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Give Me a Lass with a Lump of Land
Allan Ramsay
fade, 6 And blood alane is no worth a shilling; 7 But she that's rich her market's madeRate it:

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How The Favourite Beat Us
Andrew Barton Paterson
I made up, my fortune I played up I bet every shilling against my own mare. "I strolled to the gRate it:

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