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About The Sheltered Garden Ground
Robert Louis Stevenson
ABOUT the sheltered garden ground The trees stand strangely still. The vale ne'er seemed so deep before, Nor yet so high the hill. An awful sense ...Rate it:

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Sheltered Garden
Hilda Doolittle
I have had enough. I gasp for breath. Every way ends, every road, every foot-path leads at last to the hill-crest -- then you retrace your st...Rate it:

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A Song for the New Year {1915}
Katharine Tynan
call His flock home where no storms be Into a sheltered haven out of sound of the sea. There shalRate it:

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A Rustic Seat Near The Sea
William Lisle Bowles
delightful smile thy views again, Fair Land! the sheltered hut, and far-seen mill That safe sails rRate it:

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Hope, An Allegorical Sketch
William Lisle Bowles
passengers of life's rude bourne, Till they are sheltered in that last retreat, Where human toils aRate it:

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Young Lambs
John Clare
weathered brown. And where suns peep, in every sheltered place, The little early buttercups unfold Rate it:

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Exmoor Verses
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
we kiss'd: All broken lies the shieling That sheltered from rain, With a star to pierce the ceilingRate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
seas? I have written the tale of our life For a sheltered people's mirth, In jesting guise -- but Rate it:

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In The Arms of A Medic
Mark Nadin (The Deal Poet)
out covering fire Whilst a medic lay beside him Sheltered by a landrovers tyre He was known to hisRate it:

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A Song Of Parting
Edith Nesbit
you could hear me cry Across the waters of your sheltered bay-- 'Farewell, my child! Farewell, myRate it:

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News For The Delphic Oracle
William Butler Yeats
the brute dolphins plunge Until, in some cliff-sheltered bay Where wades the choir of love ProfferiRate it:

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9 Months
Nikhil Parekh
mass of intestine, 9 months of blissful sleep sheltered from light, 9 months of swim in bountifulRate it:

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A Defence Of English Spring
Alfred Austin
here, where they have space To peep from every sheltered place, Their simple, open faces seem- Or dRate it:

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A Little Old Maid
Harriet Monroe
She grew, like other girls and flowers, Sheltered and tended daintily; And told her dolls, through sunny hours, A prince would come her love to b...Rate it:

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A Poet's First Essay
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Till then his home has been in fairyland, Sheltered in the sweet depths of his own heart; But thRate it:

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A Psalm For New Year’s Eve
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
human kind; Love special, close--in which like sheltered dove Each weary heart its own safe nest Rate it:

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A Woman's Mood
Jenning Carmichael
their arms about. Its moaning reaches the sheltered room, And thrills my heart with a sense ofRate it:

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A Woman's Mood
Arthur Bayldon
their arms about. Its moaning reaches the sheltered room, And thrills my heart with a sense oRate it:

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A Year’s Windfalls
Christina Georgina Rossetti
parching August wind Corn-fields bow the head, Sheltered in round valley depths, On low hills outspRate it:

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Charlotte Mary Mew
shadows on the grass I see you pass. In sheltered beds, the heart of every rose Serenely sleeps tRate it:

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Adown the land great rivers glide
Clarence Urmy
glide With lyric odes upon their lips, The sheltered bay with singing tide Forever woos the storRate it:

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Adrift: A Brisbane River Reverie
George Essex Evans
reaches where the tides and winds are rough, And sheltered bights. Now wider spread the waters toRate it:

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Advent Sunday
John Keble
die, How sweet, how lone the ray benign On sheltered nooks of Palestine! Then to his early homeRate it:

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After Ascension
Katharine Tynan
once She kept her small Son while He grew, Safe sheltered from the winds and suns, Comforted with sRate it:

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After the Winter
Claude McKay
white The shivering birds beneath the eaves Have sheltered for the night, We'll turn our faces souRate it:

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