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Ode--Shell the Old City! Shell!
William Gilmore Simms
I. Shell the old city I shell! Ye myrmidons of Hell; Ye serve your master well, With hellish arts! Hurl down, with bolt and fire, The grand old shr...Rate it:

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Roderic Quinn
YOU with the shell to your ear, What do you hear, Slim and so white In the moonlight? 'Oh, I hear surging and shouting and singing, The sea-folk at...Rate it:

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Sea Shell
Amy Lowell
Sea Shell, Sea Shell, Sing me a song, O Please! A song of ships, and sailor men, And parrots, and tropical trees, Of islands lost in the Spanish M...Rate it:

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The Egg-Shell
Rudyard Kipling
tide, When the Witch of the North took an Egg-shell With a little Blue Devil inside. "Sink," she saRate it:

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The Sea to the Shell
David MacDonald Ross
swell, Is telling her tale to the wave-washed shell. The sea, my mother, is singing to me, WRate it:

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The Shell
Isabella Valancy Crawford
O little, whisp'ring, murm'ring shell, say cans't thou tell to me Good news of any stately ship that sails upon the sea? I press my ear, O little s...Rate it:

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Tortoise Shell
David Herbert Lawrence
little ones, The sections of the baby tortoise shell. Four, and a keystone; Four, and a keystone; Rate it:

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What says the sea, little shell
Stephen Crane
"What says the sea, little shell? What says the sea? Long has our brother been silent to us, Kept his message for the ships, Awkward ships, stu...Rate it:

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What Says the Sea, Little Shell?
Stephen Crane
"What says the sea, little shell? What says the sea? Long has our brother been silent to us, Kept his message for the ships, Awkward ships, stu...Rate it:

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Dr. Sigmund Freud Discovers the Sea Shell
Archibald MacLeish
her hand. Who dares to offer Her the curled sea shell! She will not touch it!--knows the world sheRate it:

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The Shell
James Stephens
AND then I pressed the shell Close to my ear And listened well, And straightway like a bell Came low and clear The slow, sad murmur of the dis...Rate it:

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A cicada shell
Matsuo Basho
A cicada shell; it sang itself utterly away. Translated by R.H. Blyth Rate it:

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Thou Leanest to the Shell of Night
James Joyce
Thou leanest to the shell of night, Dear lady, a divining ear. In that soft choiring of delight What sound hath made thy heart to fear? Seemed ...Rate it:

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To a Sea Shell
Hubert Church
Friend of my chamber--O thou spiral shell That murmurest of the ever-murmuring sea! Repeating with eternal constancy Whatever memories the wave ...Rate it:

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On Receiving A Curious Shell
John Keats
Hast thou from the caves of Golconda, a gem Pure as the ice-drop that froze on the mountain? Bright as the humming-bird's green diadem, When it ...Rate it:

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The Pearl Diver
Andrew Barton Paterson
small Japanee, Seeker of pearls and of pearl-shell down in the depths of the sea, Trudged o'er thRate it:

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Alfred Noyes
Warm in that nest, there lies a freckled shell. Packed in that shell, a bird is fast asleep. Rate it:

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Lui et Elle
David Herbert Lawrence
than she, And he has a cruel scar on his shell. Poor darling, biting at her feet, Running beside hRate it:

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Meditations Upon An Egg
John Bunyan
born again. The egg's at first contained in the shell; Men, afore grace, in sins and darkness dwellRate it:

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The Charge of the Second Iowa Cavalry
Ellis Parker Butler
will tell How the 2nd rose through the shot and shell Rode with a cheer on that 9th of May And heldRate it:

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Australia's Pride
William Thomas Goodge
lot! On Pat's return to Ingleburn The shell-fish were in tow, And things were gay on CastlereaghRate it:

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti
And the bee is heavy and bonny. III. Brown shell first for the butterfly, And a bright wing by Rate it:

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Fingal - Book Vi
James Macpherson
banks of Lego; when we sent round the joy of the shell. Cromla answered to his voice. The ghosts ofRate it:

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Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803
William Wordsworth
and prized them all. The rarest was a Turtle-shell Which he, poor Child, had studied well; A shellRate it:

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Minnie and Winnie
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Minnie and Winnie Slept in a shell. Sleep, little ladies! And they slept well. Pink was the shell within, Silver without; Sounds of th...Rate it:

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