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Essence of essence is the birth of the weaker sex
Narsinh Mehta
Essence of essence is the birth of the weaker sex, For her strength alone can please the mighty hero! What's the use of this manliness, friend, Whe...Rate it:

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Is There Sex in Heaven?
Alan Berkeley Thomas
The Human Is there sex in Heaven? It seems there'd be no use For those who are in Heaven Don't need to reproduce No need for little babies ...Rate it:

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Sex & Black Velvet Cake
Mario William Vitale
toward the moonbeams, They point to your fate. sex and black velvet cakeRate it:

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One Of The Unfair Sex
Ambrose Bierce
She stood at the ticket-seller's Serenely removing her glove, While hundreds of strugglers and yellers, And some that were good at a shove, Were cl...Rate it:

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The Opposing Sex
Ambrose Bierce
The Widows of Ashur Are loud in their wailing: 'No longer the 'masher' Sees Widows of Ashur!' So each is a lasher Of Man's smallest failing. The Wi...Rate it:

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A Woman Waits For Me
Walt Whitman
nothing is lacking, Yet all were lacking, if sex were lacking, or if the moisture of the Rate it:

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Freedom of Love
Andre Breton
backs My wife with buttocks of spring With the sex of an iris My wife with the sex of a mining-placRate it:

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Purity 1
Devil Poet
I love woman I do sex I drink alcohol And I declare myself An impure poet. Purity? What is it And where Tell me a pure thing. Lovers do sex in a...Rate it:

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Friar Philip's Geese
La Fontaine
conferred, I'm well aware; Yet, why suppose the sex my pages shun? Enough, if they condemn where foRate it:

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Tale XI
George Crabbe
attempts no more. This reasoning Maid, above her sex's dread, Had dared to read, and dared to say sRate it:

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Tortoise Shout
David Herbert Lawrence
in extremis. Why were we crucified into sex? Why were we not left rounded off, and finished in oRate it:

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Love and dating and mating
Robert curran
or is afraid Because you want to kiss or have sex And what you've drunk isn't Kool-Aid BiRate it:

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A Reading Of Life--With The Huntress
George Meredith
her open breast; Sweet beyond the thrill of sex; Hallowed by the sex confessed. Huntress arrowy to Rate it:

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A Wayside Queen
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
nights, weighted down with wild laughter, When sex is unsexed and uncouth: In the chorus that cliRate it:

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An Indian Mother About to Destroy Her Child
James Montgomery
- she broke it. For she was brooding o'er her sex's wrongs, And seem'd to lie among a nest of scoRate it:

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Cadenus And Vanessa
Jonathan Swift
heart would vex, Laid all the fault on t'other sex. That modern love is no such thing As what thoseRate it:

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Emblems of Love
Lascelles Abercrombie
Would strive, and for the strife would into sex Be cloven, double burning, made thereby DeRate it:

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From The Ladies Defence
Lady Mary Chudleigh
just Cause reflect: Who without Mercy all the Sex decry, And into open Defamations fly: Who think uRate it:

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Henry And Emma. A Poem.
Matthew Prior
not be loved again; That we in vain the fickle sex pursue, Who change the constant lover for the nRate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
love like gold bound round about the head, Sex to sweet sex with lips and limbs is wed, Turning theRate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
are. Round they roll till dark is light, Sex to sex, and even to odd;-- The overgod Who marriesRate it:

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Ode To William H. Channing
Ralph Waldo Emerson
issues are. Round they roll, till dark is light, Sex to sex, and even to odd; The over-God, Who marRate it:

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Only A Fiction
Ehsan Sehgal
a person Who is impotent The open truth is the sex Masks with beautiful words Promises and gifts ToRate it:

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Sweat The Technique
Mario William Vitale
at home when they can be at the church steeple Sex on the beach maybe your favorite drink But I Rate it:

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Sweet Danger
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
battles that stir and vex The world forever, of sex with sex? The warrior returns from the capturRate it:

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