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How Are Thy Servants Blest, O Lord!
Joseph Addison
How are Thy servants blest, O Lord! How sure is their defense! Eternal wisdom is their guide, Their help Omnipotence. In foreign realms, and l...Rate it:

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Servants of God, in Joyful Lays
James Montgomery
Servants of God, in joyful lays, Sing ye the Lord Jehovah’s praise; His glorious Name let all adore, From age to age, forevermore. Blest be that N...Rate it:

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A Servant To Servants
Robert Frost
I didn't make you know how glad I was To have you come and camp here on our land. I promised myself to get down some day And see the way you lived,...Rate it:

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In The Servants' Quarters
Thomas Hardy
'Man, you too, aren't you, one of these rough followers of the criminal? All hanging hereabout to gather how he's going to bear Examination in the ...Rate it:

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The Secret People
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
under a naked crown. And the eyes of the King's Servants turned terribly every way, And the gold ofRate it:

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The Treasure Of Abram
John Boyle O'Reilly
legend here. With Sarah his wife, and his servants, Whom he ruled with potent hand, The PatriarchRate it:

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An Extempore
John Keats
Princess did you ne'er hear tell What your poor servants know but too too well Know you the three gRate it:

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A Song of the Pen
Andrew Barton Paterson
Gathering grain or chaff; One of her favoured servants toils at an epic high, One, that a child Rate it:

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Ben Nevis: A Dialogue
John Keats
Mountain some few years ago -- true she had her servants -- but then she had her self. She ought toRate it:

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Broken Song
Rabindranath Tagore
have passed in that royal house: Servants dressed in red, hundreds of lamps alight: The bridegroom Rate it:

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Ch 01 Manner of Kings Story 25
Sa di
at the palace expecting orders while the other servants were engaged in amusements and sports, neglRate it:

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Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 42
Sa di
of reproach: ‘I and thou, we are both fellow servants, Slaves of the sultan’s palace. Not a mRate it:

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Hymn for Atonement Day
Yehudah HaLevi
Lord, Your humble servants hear, Suppliant now before You, Our Father, from Your children's plea Turn not, we implore You! Lord, Your people, ...Rate it:

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George Herbert
beauty? Then how are all things neat? More servants wait on Man, Than he'll take notice of: in Rate it:

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My Best Friend- The Lord Almighty.
Nikhil Parekh
into the most unchartered of territories, My servants could never ever become my friend; as I nevRate it:

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Psalm 116 part 2
Isaac Watts
thy delight, Thou ever-blessed God! How dear thy servants in thy sight! How precious is their bloodRate it:

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Psalm 135 part 1
Isaac Watts
himself will judge his saints; He treats his servants as his friends; And when he hears their sore Rate it:

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The Ballad Of The Foxhunter
William Butler Yeats
blow upon my horn, I can but weep and sigh.' Servants round his cushioned place Are with new sorroRate it:

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The Cudgelled And Contented Cuckold
La Fontaine
he quickly bent, And to a neighb'ring town his servants sent; Then, at the house where dwelled our Rate it:

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The Death of Prince Leopold
William Topaz McGonagall
royal tomb. First in the procession were the servants of His late Royal Highness, And next came thRate it:

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The Deliverance
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
he took things in hand; And though all the servants liked him, He made them understand. One eveninRate it:

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The Displeasure of Selefkidis
Constantine P. Cavafy
even now they've become something like servants to the Romans; he also knows that the Romans gRate it:

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The Galley-Slave
Rudyard Kipling
my comrades, what a hard-bit gang were we -- The servants of the sweep-head, but the masters of theRate it:

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The Progress Of A Divine: Satire
Richard Savage
his to fawn. He pumps for secrets, pries o'er servants' ways, And, like a meddling priest, can miscRate it:

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The Bankrupt Peace-Maker
Vachel Lindsay
forbidden to die. I seemed but a shadow the servants passed by. At the end of the time with hot iroRate it:

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